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    Solar systems have proved their importance due to their effectiveness in terms of reducing energy costs and minimizing carbon footprints. Using the best solar battery bank along with other solar components, you can get rid of the dependency on grid-generated electricity, which is indeed expensive and may use coal as a power source. A well-designed solar system ensures to provide uninterrupted, free solar electricity throughout the day. The trend of the rooftop solar system is trending in Australia as the nation has got the first position in terms of the highest solar energy per capita with 600 watts per Australian individual. That shows the level of investments by Australians in solar setups. Deep Cycle Systems is a friendly Australian energy company that is serving families for years with comprehensive energy solutions.

    Components of the solar system:

    A solar system requires certain equipment and accessories to tie it into a complete package. Deep Cycle Systems offer a range of solar systems that meet the needs of modern Australian homes, commercial setups, and industrial units. We can provide you with an on-grid solar system and an off-grid solar system. The on-grid solar system could be supplied with a battery bank to store electric current for use during evening or night time. An on-grid solar setup without a battery bank supplies solar electricity during the daytime when enough sunlight is available to generate electric current.

    Following are the key components of solar systems:

    Solar Panels:

    Solar panels are a basic part of a solar system that captures the sunlight to produce electricity. Deep cycle systems provide LONGI 740w solar panels to power your home with solar energy. We also offer a battery protection system for low voltage battery protection. These solar panels generate Direct Current or DC.

    Solar Inverters:

    Solar Inverters are the most important component of any solar system, with the main function is to convert the Direct Current or DC into Alternate Current or AC, which is a type of current supplied by the local grid. Our inverters are pure sine wave inverters that are best to use with home appliances, power tools, and commercial setups. Deep Cycle Systems has a range of premium quality inverter series, including SinusMax Inverter that is known for its high start-up power feature required for electric motors and compressors of refrigerators.

    We can recommend the right inverter types depending on your energy requirements, i.e., a 12v inverter is ideal for small homes and sheds, and you have to choose the right power for them, which could be a 500watt inverter or a 1000watt solar inverter. A 24v solar inverter is ideal for a midsize home, while the ideal watt rating could be 2000watt or a 3000-watt solar inverter. For large homes and buildings, a 48v solar inverter could be sufficient, while its watt power could start from 5000watts or even more.

    Solar Battery Bank:

    Deep Cycle Systems offers the best solar battery bank for your solar systems as these batteries are known for their thousands of life cycles to provide years of lifespan. Our deep cycle batteries are lithium-ion batteries that are ideal for various applications for domestic and commercial purposes. Lithium batteries have won the trust of people globally due to their increased efficiency and improved user experience. These lithium batteries are known for their high energy density, making them superior and number one choice. These batteries are ideal because they are light in weight and have an improved memory effect. All these features make lithium-ion batteries preferred over traditional lead-acid batteries.

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