Bullet proof retirement system

Bullet proof retirement system:

Downsizing moving rural and wanting to go off the gird?  With a reliable dependable system.  Using top shelf equipment.  This is the package for you..

  • 1 x Primo 8.2kW Inverter (Selectronic certified)
  • 1 x Selectronic SP PRO 7.5kW Battery Inverter
  • 2 x DCS PV 13.5W – 27kWh of DCS LiFePO4 PV series batteries
  • 11.34kW of solar (36 x 315W choice of Trina, Seraphim or Q-Cell Monocrystilline panels)
  • Includes mounting hardware for a tin roof and a ABB 160Amp DC battery circuit breaker
  • Auto start 6.25kVA diesel back up generator (will run at 4kW continuous)
  • $44,000 Incl. GST

Suitable for properties with up to 30kWh daily usage.

Freight costs depending on location.

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The Best Money Can Buy

All our systems use only the latest generation of solar panels and DCS lithium battery technology

Want to be free from the Power Grid? Solar Panels + Batteries are the answer!

Are you on the lookout for an off-grid power solution? Deep Cycle Systems has the answer. Want to go off-grid and live independently? With state-of-the-art technology and in-depth knowledge, DCS can provide you with high quality solar power systems. Our system will make you independent of the electricity grid.
Our solar power systems include but are not limited to the following features

✓ Free consultation is available
✓ Our systems are expandable
✓ The batteries we provide have a 10 year warranty
✓ The Backup generator function has auto start
✓ Our systems are council approved
✓ The batteries we provide are Lithium Iron Phosphate
✓ Renewable & Reliable energy.



DCS is a family owned business that has fully qualified professionals on-board. Our team comprises of technicians, electricians, electrical engineers and other personnel, all of whom are passionate about coming up with renewable energy solutions.
Services by DCS are custom tailored to each client’s needs and requirements. Get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you with your Bullet Proof Retirement Off Grid System.


– 10 Years warranty
– Compact and light weight
– Ground shattering performance
– Advanced battery management system controlling each cell individually
– Patented internal copper bus architecture
– Long life cylinderical LiFePO4 cell technology


Fronius Solar PV Inverter

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