Are you on the lookout for a reliable battery for your electric car, golf cart, marine, or RV? Do you want to install one that does not only provide ideal performance but can also last for years? You have come to the right place. Deep Cycle Systems is one of the top companies providing high-quality and reliable deep cycle battery ah with 120 amp-hours in Australia. We offer premium quality batteries without putting any burden on your pocket.

    120 amp deep cycle batteryFeatures of 120 Amp Deep Cycle Battery

    Design Flexibility

    Deep Cycle Batteries are made so that we can use them both in the series and parallel to get the desired choice of voltage and capacity. Countless designs of our battery products are available in the market, and you can opt according to your own choice.

    Safe and Easy Handling

    Due to leak-proof battery construction, there are no alarming precautions to follow. These are very easy, safe, and simple to use. No shipping containers or sources are required to carry these batteries as these are small in size.

    Lifetime Service

    Deep Cycle Batteries pay are manufactured in such a sizeable way that the age of these batteries is 10 to 15 years. However, many factors affect the service life of these batteries, such as temperature.

    Rugged and hard construction

    The battery is very rugged and challenging as it is non-conductive plastic. These batteries’ leading qualities are the resistance chemicals, heat, vibration, and shock. The cases and lids of these batteries are available across the globe.

    Reasonable rate

    The rate of these batteries is not too high because of the material used to make them. These batteries are readily available at a reasonable price in the markets. Although, the rate of these batteries is relatively less than the other batteries such as lithium batteries.

    Why Buy Deep Cycle Batteries?

    Deep cycle batteries do not allow any trouble and can function in any position because of their spill-proof construction. During charging, the gases are generated and reunified in the oxygen cycle. That’s why there is no need to add electrolytes to it. Due to the leak-proof construction, there are no particular safety precautions for its usage, and the method of its usage is relatively easy. These batteries are made so that you can use them in any position, either that is vertical or horizontal. These batteries’ reliability and design flexibility make them superior to other batteries.

    Deep cycle batteries are made by using VRLA technology that fights against spilling. At the same time, other batteries use Lead Antimony to strengthen their plates to stand against the shocks and vibration due to bad weather. So whenever you need a quality piece of battery for your commercial and domestic purposes, you must experience our deep cycle batteries and enjoy our dependable items.

    Why Us?

    If you require a long-lasting battery that can withstand Australian conditions, lithium batteries provided by Deep Cycle Systems are the right choice. They are designed and manufactured by our experienced professionals, keeping the prerequisites of Australia in mind. Our professionals are a technological breakthrough in this industry. The batteries we provide are lighter in weight and better than traditional lead-acid batteries.

    Integrated with Bluetooth connectivity, our deep cycle battery ah 120 can be connected to your smartphone using the app available on both IOS and Android. By linking to this app, you can monitor the condition of your battery, cell status showing cell balancing operation, temperature, voltage, cycle count, charge and discharge current, and many more things.


    deep cycle battery 120 amp hoursEnergy storage puts us one step forward as we can use it when required. Thus, most devices and appliances become portable with rechargeable deep cycle battery packs. This ends the dominance of the grid, and there is no need to connect to the grid to stay connected with your appliances. The right size and capacity of the battery allow drawing power for a specific period to certain loads. For example, your total load is 350 watts, and you want a backup time of four hours from a 12v battery, a 120 amp hour deep cycle battery is your requirement that can meet your power requirement for set criteria.

    Deep Cycle Battery 120 amp Hours by Deep Cycle Systems

    You must have a trusted energy partner for all your power requirements on which you can rely without compromising on quality. The Australian energy market is full of options that may lead to confusion. However, the worst thing is that you may be supplied with overrated energy products with suboptimal quality. Deep Cycle Systems is a name of trust for its reliable premium quality energy products. Lithium deep cycle batteries are way better than deep cycle battery 120 amp hours offered by other brands.

    We provide state-of-the-art products with trending features and components, while the compact designs offer you maximum results and that without hassle to have a number of components that may confuse you. We are a leading manufacturer of deep-cycle and lithium-ion batteries, and our products have won the confidence of Australians due to their high-quality performances.

    Modern Day 120 amp hour deep cycle battery Packs

    The battery world has been transformed by many folds since the first invention in 1800 by Alessandro Volta. The earlier batteries struggle to maintain quality consistently, however with improvement in technology, and we have got more stabilized versions. The invention of the lithium-ion battery in the 1990s upgraded the power batteries, and we got the next-generation storage devices with improved efficiency and better sleek design. Since then, lithium 120 amp hour deep cycle battery batteries have been replacing traditional lead-acid batteries. Following are the shining features of lithium phosphate battery packs:

    Deep Cycle Battery

    Lithium batteries are known as deep cycle batteries, which means that they can provide you with deep discharge. The flooded acid batteries offer only half of their stored current. In contrast, the lithium-ion battery is designed to overcome this problem, and you can discharge it up to 90% of the total capacity without harming it.

    High Energy Density

    Lithium-ion batteries have a high energy density, which means they can hold a high capacity current. A LiFePo4 battery can hold six times more current when compared with an acid battery. Thus the result is a lightweight battery cell. It will help you save space, which is crucial for campervan owners and boat owners, while low weight means less pressure on the engine.

    Quick Charge

    Lithium batteries overcome the problem of acid batteries which require about half a day to fully charge them, while they can charge themselves within three to four hours. Our deep cycle batteries are best for on-grid and off-grid installations. You can connect our battery cells with solar systems or generators for energy backup.

    120 amp hour deep cycle batteryMaintenance Free 120 amp Deep Cycle Battery For Hassle-Free Service Life

    Deep cycle batteries are commonly confused with vehicle starting batteries because they appear the same. Deep cycle batteries give more energy than short intervals for starting batteries for longer durations. Clean and green renewable energy sources are trustworthy batteries. As storage devices, deep-cycle batteries operate as the chemical process, producing energy as a bi-product. Maintenance-free 120 amp deep cycle battery is excellent for many uses.

    The homeowners are investing in small solar battery kits to reduce the dependency on the local grid, while savings from monthly electricity charges is yet another attraction for them. If you are looking for a maintenance-free battery, then do not fret! Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a world leader in producing deep-cycle batteries of excellent quality. Our batteries are designed to cope with severe weather. Deep Cycle Systems develops highly efficient, long-service batteries. Deep Cycle Systems produces deep cycle batteries that are dependable and lasting. Our batteries are constructed to the highest standards in the industry.

    Is deep cycle battery 120 amp hours Worth Purchasing?

    The reply is yes. Due to the advances in technology in the battery industry, deep cycle batteries have been reduced to an affordable range. These deep cycle batteries are therefore designed to provide dependability and durability.

    Compared to lead-acid batteries, deep cycling batteries have a longer service life. It makes it possible for the consumer not to replace deep batteries as often as standard lead-acid batteries. In the long run, a maintenance-free deep cycle battery 120 amp hours makes more sense to put your money into a secure solution.

    deep cycle battery ahDeep Cycle Systems for Energy Solutions

    We at Deep Cycle Systems are providers of dependable and sustainable energy solutions. We provide the following energy solution in this extensive range of products: battery-deep, battery-deeper, solar panels, solar-powered systems, solar inverters, solar chargers, etc.

    Deep Cycle Systems has provided our important clients with superior energy solutions for years. Our years of experience and field study allows us to produce high-quality solutions for energy efficiency. Deep Cycle Systems offers long-lasting and extended energy solutions to its important clients. Our energy solutions are designed to cope with severe weather conditions. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing the best quality, reliable, and efficient batteries.

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