Group 24 AGM Deep Cycle Battery for Marine and Boats

General Purpose 12 volt group 24 deep cycle battery for appliances

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    Group 24 AGM Deep Cycle Battery

    Are you on the lookout for a reliable battery to provide power supply to your caravan or marine? Do you want a battery that does not only provides you with enough power for all your needs but also has a long service life? Do not fret! Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered. We provide safe and steadfast lithium batteries that are better than any group 24 AGM deep cycle battery at an affordable price with guaranteed durability.

    Efficiency is our foremost priority, and we ensure that you get the best battery that can provide you with optimum performance throughout its service life. For the safety of your place, it is completely sealed to avoid any mishap, gassing, or hazards. It is maintenance-free, so you do not even have to face any hassle of keeping it in good condition.

    12 Volt Group 24 Deep Cycle Battery

    If you are looking for a general-purpose option to store electricity as a backup during a power failure or any purpose, then lithium batteries are the ideal option. You can find 12 volt group 24 deep cycle battery usage in cars, marine boats, large UPS systems, supporting wheelchairs, medical equipment, CCTV backup, security alarm systems, agriculture farms, and other industrial applications. However, it’s time to move on to a better alternative, DCS lithium batteries

    24 deep cycle battery

    If you consider replacing the underperforming battery, the lithium 24 deep cycle battery is the best match for the general-purpose backup storage device. Deep Cycle Systems offers a variety of general-purpose deep cycle battery units, i.e., for power tools, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, lighting, or to power any other electrical appliances. You need to consider the battery capacity in ampere-hours, and the voltage level is compatible with devices. The ampere-hours will decide the backup time with a specific connected load, i.e., a higher load means less backup time. We recommend using a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery known for its superior and reliable performance.

    Benefits of Lithium Battery Packs

    Though there are many batteries available in the energy market, the LiFePo4 batteries are feature-rich cells that overcome the problems of earlier battery types. Here are the shining features of lithium battery packs:

    High Energy Density

    Lithium battery technology has the highest energy density, which makes it lightweight and thus easy to move without any hassle.

    Life Cycles

    LiFePo4 battery has thousands of life cycles which means an average life of five to ten years depending on conditions.

    Memory Effect

    Memory effect occurs in rechargeable battery cells that cause to lose charge status gradually. This happens when a battery is regularly charged and discharged partially, and the battery appears to remember the low charge capacity. Lithium batteries have a minor ratio of memory effect, which is under three per cent, while the lead-acid battery has the highest memory effect with about twenty to thirty per cent waste.

    No Maintenance

    Lithium batteries are maintenance-free as there is no need to check for water level through vents and thus no chance of gassing issue, which could result in an explosion sometimes.

    Group 24 Deep Cycle Battery

    Moreover, the batteries we provide have more prolonged cycling than the group 24 deep cycle battery available and has extra reserve power for accessory loads. Not only that, but it is manufactured using quality materials for vibration resistance. Thus, you can rest assured about its durability even under challenging situations like a wave pounding vibration in marine.

    So, why go to any other company when you can get the best possible battery from Deep Cycle Systems and that too without putting a dent in your wallet.

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