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Features and benefits of Solar Battery System

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Solar batteries

    Power is the basic necessity for every house to bring the lights and electrical appliances to life. There are power outages even in metropolitan areas that can cause you to suffer even when you are paying hefty monthly electricity bills. These power companies produce electricity using coal or diesel as their source. The ideal solution is to use renewable sources that are environment-friendly, will reduce dependency by large over the local grid, and you will save money from your monthly electricity bills. Using a home solar battery system offered by Deep Cycle Systems, you can power your homes with free solar energy throughout the day, even when sunlight isn’t available.

    Australia spans over a vast area with major cities around its coastline, while many people love to reside in remote areas where utilities are luxury. It will be tough for you if you are located in a remote area where utility companies failed to provide services. In such conditions, a solar system is what you need to power your house.

    Here are key benefits of having a solar system for your home:

    Keep your lights and appliance ON:

    Solar energy is sustainable for planet earth and for you, as it will help eliminate carbon dioxide and save your bucks from electricity expenses. You can still enjoy all of your electrical appliances, gadgets, power tools, kitchen appliances, and lights using a well-designed solar system to meet your power needs.

    Earn Money by Net Metering:

    You can even earn money by selling solar energy to the local grid using net metering. You can have a grid-tied solar system that can meet your energy requirements, store energy for non-harvesting hours and then sell the extra generated energy to the grid. The meter will run in reverse when you export solar electricity to the grid. The net metering allows you to use grid electricity when the solar panels aren’t producing solar electricity or producing less than required.

    Get Energy independence

    With solar panels and solar batteries, you can get freedom from the expensive and ever-growing grid electricity, while a capable solar system will make sure the availability of electricity for your home. Using a solar battery system that can power your entire home will rule out the power breakouts instances. So you will enjoy the freedom from any likely grid power failure and avoid high utility charges by pulling solar energy from the battery during peak hours.

    Control and monitor your energy requirements

    Deep Cycle Systems offers battery monitors to control and monitor your battery bank for performance enhancement. The battery monitors work like a fuel gauge, and the latest BMS comes with built-in Bluetooth, so no dependency on Bluetooth dongle. The main feature of a BMS is to work as a watchdog by updating you about battery charging level, battery age, expected time, power consumed in watts, calculate the ampere-hours consumed, and voltage level. Using the auxiliary input, you can connect the second battery to monitor its voltage level.

    Specs of solar battery:

    Deep Cycle System can recommend you choosing a battery bank depending on your backup requirements. You need to choose specific battery specs keeping in view the power consumption pattern and solar system design. Integrating the right voltage and correct power battery bank will give you peace of mind and an uninterrupted solar electricity supply during non-solar productive hours.

    – You will require a battery bank with more power for a number of electrical appliances

    – A high instantaneous power rated battery is the requirement of energy-intensive appliances like pump or compressor

    – High rating power will provide you more extended power backup option

    – Lithium-ion batteries are ideal for storing more energy in a small space

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