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    When it comes to installing a solar setup for backup, every person wants the best that can deliver the optimum performance for years without any fault. Whether it is an off-grid system for the whole house or you want it to supply power to some specific appliances, if you are on the lookout for the best option available in the market, you have come to the right place. Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in this business, offers a high-quality and reliable hybrid solar energy kit that can either be used as a backup setup for a specific use or can also provide power for the whole house.

    Reliable and Efficient Hybrid Solar Energy Kit

    The hybrid solar energy kit we provide comes with a reliable inverter, high-quality panels, a long-lasting LFP battery, and a smart battery charger. Once installed, you will never have to upgrade your inverter again or replace the battery any time soon. The charger controller helps in controlling the charging of the battery and allows super-fast recharging. It also prevents the battery from over-charging and over-heating, which enhances the service life of your battery. You can expect a fast return on your investment due to our affordable yet long-lasting battery technology.

    Moreover, if your region does not allow power to be exported back to the grid, it will prioritise the excess power to house loads and keep the batteries fully charged without any harm.

    A hybrid solar system is a point at which your solar panels stay associated with the network’s electrical cables and have a reinforcement battery system to store overabundance power. The solar energy consumed by the solar panels goes through an inverter to make usable power. From that point, power either goes to your home, your battery, or the grid.

    The advantage of a hybrid solar system is that you will consistently have power in any circumstance. With a reinforcement battery, the overabundance of energy that your solar panels make (yet your home doesn’t utilise) will be put away in this battery. Then, at that point, when the sun isn’t sparkling, this battery will give your electricity during the evening, system blackouts or inclement weather. With a hybrid solar system, you can draw power from the electrical network if you want to use all the force in your battery.

    We can offer high-quality batteries for the hybrid solar kit at affordable prices, such as


    The AC-Coupled home battery is stockpiling choice that can store 11.4kWh to 17.1 kWh of energy for off-hours use. This ought to have the option to give power to up to an entire day. Panasonic additionally offers a 10-year guarantee on its battery.


    The Sunpower Equinox battery can store 13kWh-26kWh of energy and furthermore accompanies a 10-year item guarantee.

    Note that our hybrid solar system packs’ battery stockpiling limits are planned to control just your basic burdens during a network blackout, not your whole home. This is on the grounds that – dissimilar to an off-network solar panel network, which should have the option to run a whole home off battery stockpiling for a few days during times of no sun – a hybrid close planetary system’s battery stockpiling just necessities to get you through the term of a matrix blackout, which ordinarily keeps going on the request for hours, not days.


    • Solar panels: You’ll need around 14-36 boards, contingent upon your energy use and effectiveness of the boards
    • Racking and mounting: There are various sorts to browse and will fluctuate dependent on your rooftop pitch and different components
    • Solar grid network tied inverter: This converter the DC electricity to AC electricity to be both used for the house and grid
    • Electrical wiring: This exchanges power from the sun based boards to the half and half inverter and afterwards to the home, battery stockpiling, or net meter
    • Solar battery bank: Stores overabundance of power for your home and is the thing that makes a crossover framework not quite the same as just matrix tied frameworks


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