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6.3kW Package Includes:

  • 20 x 315W panels, Seraphim 315W Blade Mono panels
  • 1 x 5kW SolaX SK-TL-5000E Hybrid Inverter with 1 x BMU-5000 Charge Controller (100Amps)
  • 1 x DCS PV 5.0 series 5kWh (5.12kWh usable) Lithium Ion Battery (the latest in LiFePO4 battery cell technology backed with a industry leading 10 year / 80% capacity warranty)
  • Fully installed price, you only pay $12,999 Incl. GST (package price currently applicable for all of Brisbane/Sunshine/Gold Coast areas & NSW & VIC)

This system is suitable for households that are using between 5 ~ 15kWh per day.






  • These systems can be installed on properties with single, dual or three phase switch boards
  • Typically most systems are installed inside garages or sheds, or south facing undercover areas
  • If external installation is a must we can upgrade these systems using the Good. We 5kW Hybrid inverters which are IP rated for outdoors.
  • This package price includes all the pre approval paperwork required by the local energy distributor
  • In order to be able to export power back to the grid, your energy distributor will return to site after the installation of the system to upgrade their bill meter to a bi-directional one (only if your property already doesn’t have one)

Above graph shows the DCS 6.3kW hybrid package able to yield 22kWh per day in the middle of winter. JULY 2017 in Northern NSW. Over the summer months this system will comfortably yield 25kWh.

Above graph shows the DCS 6.3kW hybrid package able to yield well in excess of 30kWh per day in the middle of summer. JAN 2018 in Northern NSW.

Key system points;

  • Fast return on investment (ROI)
  • Advanced EMS (Energy Management System) with a 100Amp charge controller, super fast recharging and allows future expansion of up to 40kWh of DCS Lithium Ion storage.  You’ll never have to upgrade your inverter again.
  • Zero net export in case you are in a region which does not allow power to be exported back to the grid, in this case any surplus power will be prioritised to house loads and then to keeping the batteries fully charged.
  • The most advanced, safest and reliable Lithium (LFP) RESU (Residential Energy Storage Unit) battery.  The DCS PV 5.0 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery provides a full 5.12kWh of usable energy storage.  Rebuildable in the future.  98% Round Trip Efficiency and warranted for 10 years / 80% capacity.  Advanced BMS (Battery Management System) automatic protection from under charge, over charge, over current and over and under temperature conditions

Seamlessly monitor your power usage and see real time solar and battery performance anytime, anywhere with the App

Another happy customer from NSW,

  • Enjoying $5.00 bills per quarter.
  • Using 1kWh per day for 9 months of the year.
  • And only 2kW per day in the peak of winter.
  • All backed by our industry leading 10 year / 80% capacity warranty.

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