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7kW Package Includes:

  • 16 x 440W Trina High-Performance Monocrystalline solar panels (above 20% efficiency)
  • 1 x Sungrow SH5K-30 – 5000W Hybrid Inverter
  • 1 x DCS PV 15kWh (15kWh usable) Lithium-Ion Battery (the latest in LiFePO4 battery cell technology backed with a 10-year unlimited cycle warranty)
  • Fully installed price, you only pay $19,999 Incl. GST (package price currently applicable for all of Brisbane/Sunshine/Gold Coast areas)
  • This price already takes into consideration any applicable government incentives.

7kW Package Includes:

  • 16 x 440W Trina High-Performance Monocrystalline solar panels (above 20% efficiency)
  • 1 x 5kW SolaX SK-TL-5000E Hybrid Inverter with 1 x BMU-5000 Charge Controller (100Amps)
  • 1 x DCS PV 15kWh (15kWh usable) Lithium-Ion Battery (the latest in LiFePO4 battery cell technology backed with a 10-year unlimited cycle warranty)
  • Fully installed price, you only pay $19,999 Incl. GST (package price currently applicable for all of Brisbane/Sunshine/Gold Coast areas, VIC, NSW & TAS)
  • This price already takes into consideration any applicable government incentives.

This system is suitable for households that are using between 15 ~ 30kWh per day.





    The above graph shows the DCS 7kw hybrid package able to yield 30kWh per day in the middle of winter in JULY 2017 in South Eastern QLD. You certainly don’t need to be located in far inland Longreach as some sceptics would mislead you into believing.

    The above graph shows the DCS 7kw hybrid package able to yield well in excess of 35kWh per day in the middle of summer in DEC 2017 in South Eastern QLD. Note the amount of exported energy is significantly more than the daily usage by this household; the system will only export surplus energy back to the grid when the 13.5kWh usable DCS LFP battery is 100% fully charged.

    With this customers consumption averaging around 22kWh daily, the above graph shows the DCS 7kW hybrid package able to achieve 89.95% self-sufficiency in the middle of winter in JULY 2017 in South Eastern QLD. A well designed solar hybrid system such as this 7kW DCS hybrid package is able to extract the full potential of our industry-leading lithium-ion battery technology.

    Key system points;

    • Fast return on investment (ROI) due to our affordable and long-life battery cell technology.
    • Advanced EMS (Energy Management System) with a 100Amp charge controller, super-fast recharging, and allows future expansion of up to 40kWh of DCS Lithium-Ion storage.  You’ll never have to upgrade your inverter again; this platform ticks all the boxes.
    • Zero net export in case you are in a region which does not allow power to be exported back to the grid. In this case, any surplus power will be prioritised to house loads and then to keep the batteries fully charged.
    • The most advanced, safest and reliable Lithium (LFP) RESU (Residential Energy Storage Unit) battery. The DCS PV 13.5 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery provides a full 13.5kWh of usable energy storage. Rebuildable in the future. 98% Round Trip Efficiency and warranted for 10 years / 80% capacity. Advanced BMS (Battery Management System) automatic protection from undercharging, overcharging, over current and over and under temperature conditions.
    • This system has proper off-grid capabilities. It is able to power your entire home when the grid goes out. Even when the grid is out, you can still power your home, and at the same time, the system will be recharging your battery so that it’s ready to go for your nighttime loads.

    Seamlessly monitor your power usage and see real time solar and battery performance anytime, anywhere with the App


    We can save you in excess of 90% off your bills and hedge you for the rising costs of electricity. If you have been thinking about it, we can help you disconnect from the grid altogether and take you off the grid straight away. If you want to see a return on investment, contact DCS today for honest and professional advice.


    • These systems can be installed on properties with single, dual or three-phase switchboards
    • Typically most systems are installed inside garages or sheds or south-facing undercover areas
    • If the external installation is a must, we can upgrade these systems using the GoodWe 5kW Hybrid inverters, which are IP rated for outdoors
    • This package price includes all the pre-approval paperwork required by the local energy distributor
    • In order to be able to export power back to the grid, your energy distributor will return to the site after the installation of the system to upgrade their bill meter to a bi-directional one (only if your property already doesn’t have one)

    Related Products

    hybrid solar cellhybrid solar systemEnergy is the basic necessity we need in our daily walk of life. Australia produced about 252 TWh electricity in 2011, of the portion was produced by coal and made merely ten per cent through renewable sources. The regime is shifting towards sustainable methods of which hybrid solar cell becomes the most adopted way of generating electricity by Australian homeowners using rooftop solar systems. In 2018, Australia passed Germany to hold the first position for highest per capita of solar energy, which stood at 600 watts per individual. This shows the responsible behaviour of the public towards the atmosphere.

    Apart from environmental benefits, solar energy brings self-sufficiency and savings that you can use for your persona. Using a hybrid solar system, you will use free clean electricity throughout the day when sunlight is available, while the battery banks will provide backup when sun rays aren’t available.

    hybrid deep solar energyGrid Solar and Hybrid Deep Solar Energy Kit

    The main functionality of a solar grid system and a hybrid deep solar energy kit is the same, which is to produce electricity using solar rays. A grid-tied solar unit will utilise grid electricity if weather conditions aren’t favourable for solar harvesting. The grid solar also sells the extra generated electricity to the local grid using net metering. During net metering, your electricity meter will run in reverse to count the electricity your system is adding back to the grid. During non-production hours, the local grid will meet your power needs.

    Freedom With Hybrid deep solar energy kit

    This is termed partial freedom from the grid. The situation is the opposite in the case of a hybrid deep solar energy kit. The system will supply electricity to your appliances, and the extra energy will be stored in a battery pack to use during the evening and nighttime. This way, you can enjoy a more significant extent of freedom, near to 100%, depending on the capacity of the solar setup. The use of hybrid solar installation during high-rated peak hours means you are saving bucks for yourself and your family.

    Compact Hybrid System

    Deep Cycle Systems is a team of experts who master the technicalities involved in solar installations. We can provide a single solar component to the entire system as per your requirements. Our hybrid solar systems are famous for their compactness and ease of installation, maintenance and user-friendly operating design. Our approach includes Hybrid Solar Inverter with all present-day features. These include a built-in solar charger, overcharge protection, overload protection, and producing pure sine waveform. Further, the MPPT ensures maximum power point tracking to deliver the highest level of solar electricity. This provides an upper hand over a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) as it is also best even in the winter season where sunlight isn’t that good.

    Hybrid Solar CellSolar Battery Pack for Hybrid Solar Cell

    Our Hybrid Solar Cell systems come with a heavy-duty battery bank for backup purposes. The battery supplies stored solar energy when required. We prefer lithium-ion batteries for the solar system due to their edges over their counterparts. LiFePo4 deep cycle batteries are lightweight and provide thousands of life cycles. They are known for their deep discharge ability, as you can discharge them entirely. However, full discharge regularly is discouraged. A low self-discharge is yet another colourful feature of a lithium battery. The only downside is you have to pay more than a typical wet cell battery, also known as a lead-acid battery. However, keeping in view the benefits, it’s not a big deal.

    Why Us?

    Deep Cycle Systems is proud to be a leader in the Australian energy market. We provide state-of-the-art and efficient energy products to individuals, families, businesses, and industrial units. As we meet our customers’ expectations by delivering satisfying jobs, we hold the top position in providing problem-solving solutions and thus earn referrals from our clients.

    Combine the Power of Wind Turbine and Solar Panels

    Solar systems are crucial to reduce the negative impact of coal-based electricity. Australians are investing in photovoltaic systems heavily as the country has already led in the highest per-capita solar energy for every individual with more than 600 watts. Previously, solar technology was mainly adopted by residents of remote locations that lack grid electricity and thus rely on running diesel or generators. This paradigm has shifted considerably as rooftop photovoltaic panels have equally become part of city centres for domestic and commercial sites. The hybrid system is mainly famous for off-grid systems where battery storage is a must for electric loads to stay alive in cloudy or non-solar conditions. The hybrid deep solar energy kit allows you to combine two renewable sources to increase the yield, i.e., wind turbine and photovoltaic panels. The Australian conditions are favourable to adopt both wind and solar.

    Deep Cycle Systems

    Finding a reliable manufacturer and supplier of premium energy products is challenging, and you can’t risk your money by dumping with a quack. Deep Cycle Systems is a team of certified experts with years of technical experience in quality hybrid solar power inverter system. Our team has done hundreds of satisfying energy projects focusing on reducing the carbon footprints and decreasing dependency on the local grid, coal, diesel, or gasoline. Instead, we promote the use of nature-gifted solar radiant heat to generate clean, free electricity without harming the environment.

    We manufacture deep-cycle lithium batteries destined for years of quality services and are feature-rich. We never compromise over quality because we believe in the philosophy that one unsatisfied customer means the destruction of the entire business.

    A hybrid solar unit mainly benefits off-grid solar system by catching sunlight through solar panels, storing it in the batteries, and supplying it to dynamic loads.

    Hybrid solar energy kitTypes of Solar Panels

    Solar Panels are silicon-based plates that extract solar energy from sunlight. There are two main types of solar panels, including monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Monocrystalline solar plates are dark blue, and their cells are cut into wafers from a conical silicon ingot shaped in the commercial lab by melting silicon rocks. It requires a temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit that turns the rocks into liquid, and then a seed crystal is placed into the melted slush and slowly pulled up while rotating. Many materials end up in waste due to the diamond-shaped corners and are a bit more expensive. To make the Polycrystalline solar arrays, 1300 pounds of silicon rocks are placed into the required size of the mould. Then the mould is placed in a furnace heated to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit with a twenty-hour melting time and a three-day cooldown process. These panels are mottled blue colour look like a piece of particleboard made up of multiple pieces of silicon pressed together.

    Monocrystalline panels are more efficient than polycrystalline, with an average efficiency of 17.5% and 15.5%. The two per cent efficiency means you can generate more solar electricity with the same amount of space compared with Polycrystalline. You need more space, connectors, racking, wiring, and accessories to add more cost to you. It means that even with the lower price of Polycrystalline, you could end up paying more in the end.

    Hybrid deep solar energy kit installation means that you will get uninterrupted solar energy throughout the day. You will draw electricity using sun rays during the daytime, and batteries will be in the charging phase to serve you for night darkness.

    7kw hybrid solar systemLong-Lasting and Premium Quality 7kw Hybrid Solar System for Uninterrupted Power Supply

    Do you want to save yourself from ever-rising electricity prices? Do you want to have an independent power system that will supply you with energy without any interruption? If you are looking for a reliable method to protect you from grid power interruptions and help you save money, you have come to the right place. At Deep Cycle Systems, we provide a reliable and premium quality 7kw hybrid solar system at an affordable price. We also offer a 5kw solar system for small applications.

    7kw hybrid solar system

    The solar inverter is an excellent solution for energy storage and provision. Solar energy is free and unlimited; subsequently, it is cleaner and more efficient. The 7kw hybrid solar system offers the best of both worlds. It provides solar energy in the presence of sunlight. On the other hand, it can also provide power during black-out via charging from the grid. The solar inverters over the past years have greatly improved. Therefore, nowadays, solar inverters are more reliable and offer more storage and energy solutions. These advancements in solar inverter technology enable a better and more stable energy band.

    Solar inverters range from different sizes to different types. Depending upon your usage and availability of space, you can install an ideal solar inverter for your office to house and RV’s. These solar inverters provide energy to your home directly during the sunlight. However, these solar inverters can still provide power when and where needed if the sunlight cuts off due to their hybrid functionally.

    This system will provide you with an uninterrupted power supply from solar energy during the day and battery storage during the night. In the worst-case scenario, if there is bad weather for days, you will be able to use grid supply as a backup.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a leading manufacturer for producing high-quality solar inverter systems. Our solar inverters are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and increase efficiency and service life. Deep Cycle Systems is one of the best and most experienced solar inverter system providers. With our years’ worth of development, research and experience in the field, we provide the best quality inverters. Deep Cycle Systems manufactures high-quality solar inverters with increased efficiency. Our solar inverters give a durable and long-lasting service life along with maintenance-free working. Deep Cycle Systems is one of the best solar inverter providers. We deliver the best quality solar inverter system with hassle-free working.

    5kw hybrid solar systemSolar Inverter System Working

    The job of a solar inverter is to actually “invert” the sunlight into DC voltage and store it inside the batteries attached to the solar system. Therefore, the energy saved is then transferred in an alternating current. This is because the appliances inside the house or RV typically require an alternating current to function.

    A solar inverter system is attached directly under the sunlight to produce maximum power. The inverter has solar plates that gather the sunlight energy, whereas the inverter’s job is to make use of that energy generated by the solar panel.

    Solar inverter systems sometimes are not connected to the battery. Such arrangements are only made in the area or work where energy is typically required during the daytime only. 5kw system is a great energy solution for your household and your business.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems?

    Deep Cycle System has been a leading energy solution provider for years. Our extensive research, development and technical experience in the field enables us to manufacture one of the best quality energy solution products. Deep cycle systems provide the best quality energy solutions ranging from solar panels, solar systems, solar charge controllers, deep cycle batteries, lithium-ion batteries, deep cycle battery chargers, etc. Our extended product line offers guaranteed reliability and durability.

    The 5kw hybrid solar system we provide can offer your whole house 15 to 30 kWh per day. Our system comes with a 16 X 440W high-performance solar panel, one DCS PV 15 kWh li-ion battery pack with ten years unlimited cycle warranty, and one 5kW hybrid inverter with charger. The system can produce extra power that will charge the battery while supplying power to households. Once the battery is full, the emphasis will be exported to the grid earning your money.

    Order Now

    Why go to any other company when you can get the best possible product from Deep Cycle Systems. Order now through our website, and we will deliver to your doorstep. Give us a call at 1300 597 327 to order a Hybrid solar setup for your home, farmhouse, industrial design, or commercial entity. We provide the best solar system to Australians.

    Deep Cycle Systems Offers Premium Quality hybrid system with Guaranteed Reliability

    As technology evolves, more and more people are moving towards having a backup for grid power supply through hybrid solar systems. Having a solar setup installed in your house gives you the ability to be self-dependent and saves you money. Not just that, but it also helps in benefiting the environment. It provides help in reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. Thus, it is advised to go for this setup. However, when you are on the lookout for an off-grid system, you need to ensure it is reliable. Deep Cycle Systems offers premium quality hybrid system and that too without putting a burden on your pocket.

    Benefits of Solar Power

    Solar Power is a source of clean and sustainable electricity, which is helpful in eliminating the coal or diesel-based electricity that is contaminating our atmosphere and causing several health issues. Apart from benefits to the environment, using photovoltaic solar power includes monetary benefits to individuals, companies, businesses, and governments as sunlight is free and available. The solar systems are ideally beneficial to both city residents with the grid and remote area residents where electricity distribution companies didn’t have transmission lines.

    On-Grid Solar Power Generators

    The on-grid solar power generators are designed with the main focus to reduce the dependency of city residents on local grid electricity and to reduce the regular electricity expense. The grid-tied solar systems can be designed to power an entire home or a few electric appliances. Further, the on-grid solar power system can export the extra produced electricity to the grid via net metering. You can pull back the exported electricity during non-solar production hours. This will minimize the monthly electricity cost. Typically, the on-grid solar system didn’t require battery packs.

    Off-Grid Solar Power Generators

    The off-grid solar systems have become lifelines for those who haven’t access to grid electricity even in current modern time due to any reason. Australia is a big country with over 7.6 million square kilometres of area and a 25 million population. Though most of the population resides in city centres, however about a quarter of the entire population lives in the rural, desert, and distanced areas. Off-grid solar power systems are best to entertain these people as this will provide them free solar electricity and end the struggle to find fuel to run the generator to meet their power needs.

    Best Hybrid Solar Power Inverter in Australia

    We have been in this business for years and have served countless customers. We know that every customer wants the best. Thus, the system we provide is perfect for you regarding all your needs. Whether you need it for specific use for some appliances or you want it to supply power to your whole house, it can cater to all your needs. During day time, our hybrid solar power inverter will be providing power to your entire house, and at the same time, it will also be charging the battery to be used during night.

    These systems can be installed on properties with single, two, or three-phase switchboards.

    Power up Your Home with a Hybrid Solar Panel

    The high inflation rate is why people consider solar energy for their home or business setup. Solar setup requires a one-time investment to get free clean solar energy. Further, the educating campaign about threats of global warming is also a driving force to bring rooftop solar systems to minimize carbon footprint. Among all the renewable energy panels, solar systems are the most convenient ones that fit existing building structures, i.e. on the rooftop. You can opt for either an on-grid or off-grid solar system. The off-grid solar system includes a hybrid solar panel built to get power back up anytime, especially when solar energy isn’t available.

    Solar Panel Functionality

    Solar Panels are the essential component of the solar system as they catch the sunlight to convert it to useable energy. Solar panels produce a direct current supply that we can use for home appliances after converting it to alternating current electricity. The solar panels are mainly of two types, i.e. monocrystalline and polycrystalline. The difference between the two types of panels is the efficiency in different temperature zones.

    Monocrystalline Solar Panels

    Monocrystalline Solar Panels works better in relatively less warm areas with an average temperature range under 33 degrees Celsius. A monocrystalline plate bears squares around every solar cell and is dark blue. It is cut into wafers from a conical silicon ingot grown in a lab by melting the silicon rocks at 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. A seed crystal is lowered into the melted slush and slowly pulled up while rotating to shape silicon into the solar cell.

    Polycrystalline Hybrid Solar Panel

    Polycrystalline solar cells are made a different way where about 1300 pounds of silicon rocks are put into a 3 * 3 feet mould to form a square shape solar plate. The silicon rocks then melt into a furnace heated to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit for the next twenty hours. It took about three days to cool it down. These panels have a mottled blue look like a piece of particleboard; it looks made up of multiple pieces of silicon pressed together because silicon cools and hardens. Polycrystalline panels are less expansive because of less waste of materials from the square ingot than from the round Monocrystalline ingot. Polycrystalline panels are known for their high efficiency and are best for warm areas as they can generate more electricity using solar. Such a panel is also known as hybrid solar panel and is best for both on-grid and off-grid solar systems.

    Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

    Battery packs are part of hybrid solar systems as they provide backup power to your electrical appliances when the solar system isn’t getting enough sunlight. Deep Cycle Systems manufacturers Lithium-ion batteries that are known for their reliable performance. A lithium-ion battery is technologically advanced and is marked as a rich feature battery bank.

    Features of Lithium Battery

    Our Li-Ion batteries are best known for their deep discharge ability. These lithium batteries can provide a discharge rate of up to 90%, while a lead-acid battery is reserved for half capacity discharge at the most. It’s the same as you got only half the return on your investment, and the rest is of no use. The ability to hold more charge in less weight is another distinctive feature of a LiFePo4 battery that makes it standalone from the crowd of battery banks.

    Our Solar Battery Package Offers an Efficient Energy Storage Solution

    Usually, solar batteries offer long life. The life expectancy of solar batteries varies from 5-10 years, anywhere close to falling. It relies very much on how much the battery is charged and how well. Discharge and battery cycles have a major impact on battery life. The reliable and lasting option for energy storage is thus solar batteries. The solar battery package is charged by using solar panels. The stored energy is in direct current DC form. But, when the appliances and appliances run on AC in the house, the solar converter transforms the DC into alternating current AC.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a major manufacturer of high-quality deep cycles batteries. Our batteries are designed for sustainable and dependable energy storage. Deep Cycle Systems is devoted to ensuring long-term life and long-term performance for solar batteries. Our batteries function smoothly, ensuring a smooth power supply. Solar batteries are engineered to resist extreme weather conditions from Deep Cycle Systems. Our batteries are robust and perfectly withstand harsh circumstances.

    Choosing the Type of Solar Battery

    Batteries can be used for storing energy and providing power backup when needed. Solar batteries may be used as saltwater batteries as well. Solar systems can operate with lead-acid, deep cycle, and lithium-ion batteries. When looking for a solar battery, you need to know your requirements to get a suitable one for you. Every battery has its particular features and specifications.

    Lead-acid batteries are affordable but have a limited lifetime. Whilst the long-term usage of deep cycle batteries is susceptible to overcharging. In terms of maintenance and use, lithium-ion batteries are virtually issue-free. But it costs more than deep cycles and batteries using lead-acid.

    You can choose any of these batteries per your preferences. However, make sure that the one you choose is reliable and meets your needs.

    Solar Battery Use

    Solar battery use:  deep cycle batteries are widely utilised as solar batteries for power storage. Before recharging, the deep cycle batteries may drain up to 80 percent. Some sensitive batteries have to be drained totally to charge them.

    Solar Battery Temperature:

    Your solar system depends heavily on where you reside. It is because batteries must be stored at ideal temperatures to maximise their service life.

    For example, you may place your battery outdoors if you reside in a region with mild temperatures. Whereas, if the temperature around you is hot, the battery must be put in your garage or basement.

    Matters of warranty

    Solar batteries have varying warranties from different manufacturers in accordance with their battery types. For lead-acid batteries, the warranty period is less. In contrast, several manufacturers provide warranty or lithium-ion batteries for up to 10 years. So, keep that in mind when you pick the type of solar battery.

    Solar Battery Package Maintenance

    Good maintenance contributes to longer solar battery life. A solar battery package usually requires little servicing. If you don’t maintain your batteries, it will cost you a lot in the long term. Due to poor maintenance, you might need to replace your batteries or even the whole solar system if something goes wrong.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems?

    We serve our clients with reliable and steadfast energy solutions. Deep Cycle Systems aims to deliver one of the greatest energy solutions. Our comprehensive array of energy solutions is available at affordable prices.

    Get in Touch

    If you are looking for a reliable energy solution for your home? If you want to cut the electricity cost by major? If you want to be independent of a power failure by the local grid? If you are planning to play your role in reducing carbon footprints by using solar energy? If you are looking to power your business with free and clean solar energy? Get in touch with us today. We specialize in designing and installation of solar energy products.