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    We get local grid electricity which is alternate current or AC supply, while renewable energy produces direct current or DC supply. So using direct current for home appliances won’t work. True Sine Wave Inverters are key when you are looking for a reliable source to convert direct current to in alternate current. An inverter is a part of the solar system that produces solar energy using sun rays, while it could be tedious to look for a compact yet reliable system that can meet your energy requirements. A solar system that could cover a lot more space and may demand handling various components. To overcome this challenge, Deep Cycle Systems brings a nice and compact design inverter battery charger series with all modern features. So you need not worry about purchasing a compatible charger and installing it rightly as our inverters have all built-in modern features to provide you comfort.

    Inverters Battery Charger

    Deep Cycle System inverter battery charger comes in a different capacity to meet the needs of every client. Your energy requirements may be low, i.e., under 1KW to power some basic electrical appliances, or you need giant inverters to provide energy to power-hungry appliances. Our inverters start from 500 watts to 15000va to meet energy requirements. Here are inverters that come with a charger:


    MultiPlus is designed to facilitate off-grid solar projects with a wide scope for automobiles, marine applications, and agriculture setups. It comes with a sophisticated battery charger popular for its four stages adaptive technology and ability to switches AC transfer at blazing speed. You can set a limit of current to supply to electrical appliances. Anything surplus to that limit will be used for battery charging to provide backup.

    The PowerAssist supports the capacity of an alternate source to meet the requirements for peak power which may require a specific time. It will compensate for shore energy by using power from the battery pack for the time being and will return to charging mode afterward.

    MultiPlus is an intelligent inverter battery charger that can decide itself to save power in case of no active load. Using the search mode saves about 70% energy. It checks for load demands every two seconds for a short time.

    MultiPlus has various versions including following:

    – MultiPlus 500VA – 2000VA

    – MultiPlus 2000VS

    – MultiPlus 2X 120V (3000VA)

    – MultiPlus-II (3000VA – 5000VA – 8000VA – 10000VA)

    – MultiPlus-II GX (3000VA – 5000VA)

    EasySolar-II GX:

    It is a 48volt 3KVA inverter that eliminates the need for extra wiring and makes things simple. It comes with the following elements:

    – Inverter Charger

    – MPPT solar charge controller for maximum extraction of solar energy

    – GX display device (Battery Management System)

    – Display screen reads parameters including battery status, charge controller, and inverter’s performance


    Quattro works like a MultiPlus as its compact box includes an inverter and a charger, while it can locate the active source to connect to it and accepts two AC inputs. Quattro is available from 3KVA to 15KVA capacity, while the three-phase configuration is also possible.


    EasySolar comes in different variants. The first one is a 1600VA inverter charger with 12v and 24v options, while 3KVA and 5KVA EasySolar. It is easy to install due to minimum wiring.

    Battery Compatibility

    Deep Cycle Inverters are compatible with lithium-ion batteries that can provide backup in case solar energy isn’t enough to operate the load. Lithium-Ion batteries are technologically advanced packs that offer a number of advantages over traditional battery units. These are deep cycle batteries that provide a longer lifespan, deep discharge and are lightweight.

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