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    Researchers are looking for methods to improve the efficiency of renewable energy sources. The first documented use of solar energy dates back to 1767 by a scientist to make a manual solar oven. And now, after two and a half-century, humans are using solar technology to produce electricity. Solar electricity is a way to mitigate global warming, while the main reason for an increase in the use is the cost of the solar system for the general public. A solar system primarily uses solar panels to fetch energy from sun rays, while an inverter is the main electric device th­at converts solar energy into a useable form. Inverter cost is already in reach as it’s not a new electronic circuitry as we are using it for decades to convert DC supply into AC supply.

    Features of Solar Inverter

    The inverter is used to convert stored electricity into batteries to use for electrical appliances. A solar inverter does the same job as it converts the electricity that we produce using solar arrays. Apart from the primary task, the newer versions of inverters are astonishing and reduce certain glitches by using advanced built-in features.

    Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    An inverter could produce a modified sine waveform, also known as simulated sine waveform, square sine wave, or pure sine waveform. A pure sine wave inverter ensures the smooth working of electrical appliances, especially sensitive ones. Using the oscilloscope, you can confirm that your solar system has a true sine wave inverter. The digital oscilloscope displays signal graphically over its screen.

    Built-in Inverter Battery Charger

    A battery charger is required to charge the battery for backup time. Deep Cycle Systems offer compact solar inverters that are equipped with modern features, while technological advancement leads to lightweight design. These chargers are intelligent enough to sense the charge level to ensure overcharge protection and overload protection.

    High Startup Power

    Our inverters are capable of providing initial startup power that is required by electrical appliances to kick start them, i.e., halogen lamps, power tools, LED lamps, etc.

    Adaptive Charging

    Adaptive chagrining is a modern charging technique for the battery. It involves:

    1: Variable absorption time

    The absorption time ensures full battery charge by increasing the voltage level for a specific time. A battery with deep discharge requires more absorption time, whereas a slight discharge requires a shorter charging time. This increases the battery life by protecting the battery from being overcharged.

    2: Battery Safe Mode

    Battery safe mode prevents battery damage from excessive gassing. The gassing voltage limit of a 12v battery is 14.4 volts. In some cases, a battery would require even higher absorption voltage for a full charge which is likely to increase the temperature of the battery and result in gassing and damage as well. The battery-safe mode trickles down the voltage rise to compensate for high temperature and prevent gassing.

    3: Storage Mode

    Storage mode protects the battery from overcharging. The storage mode process initiates in case of no active battery load during the last 24 hours, so the voltage level is being reduced to 13.2v for a 12v battery, and that prevents corrosion of the positive plates and gassing.

    Virtual Control via Communication Interfaces

    Our inverters have a VE.Bus port which allows connectivity with PC or laptop using USB MK3-VE.Bus. You can manipulate the required settings using your smartphone. You can adjust frequency, overvoltage, undervoltage, output voltage and program the solar panels as well.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a leader in providing high-quality energy products to Australian families for years. We strive to provide state-of-the-art energy solutions with affordable price tags. Our inverter cost is arguably within budget, while they are the technologically most advanced solar gadgets in the market. The number of features that we offer makes our inverter hot favourite.

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