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    Battery banks have become a crucial part of our modern lifestyle. We are already using batteries in various accessories, appliances, and tools, including watches, mobiles, PCs, networking devices, medical equipment, military weapons, transportation, traffic signals, and many more. Itech batteries by Deep Cycle Systems come with improved design, features, and reliability that outperform those that didn’t match robust technology. This is not when only looking for a battery as a source of backup is sufficient. The batteries have to compete in multiple functionalities, reliability, safety features, life span, and even more. These heavy-duty lithium-ion batteries are built to provide the best user experience.

    Use of Itech Batteries

    iTech batteries are known for their robustness and ability to perform in harsh weather conditions. These storage devices are known for their wide adaptability in domestic, commercial, and industrial productions. However, when it comes to the best batteries that can meet your energy demand, DCS lithium batteries are the ideal option. There are several advantages of our lithium battery that make it stand-alone from others.

    Our lithium-Ion batteries are known for their high energy density, making them lightweight. Overweight is the story of the past; you can quickly move your battery bank without asking for help. Weight matters a lot, especially if you have to use the battery for your campervan, boat, or electric vehicles; that’s why our batteries are the first choice for such applications. Our lithium batteries are the way for the future due to their ability to store six times more charge than a typical lead-acid battery.

    Why Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries Are Better Than iTech Batteries?

    We provide Deep Cycle Batteries manufactured to deliver thousands of life cycles. An AGM battery can withstand a couple of hundred discharge cycles under a specific limit. The situation is different as you can get more deep discharge cycles with thousands of processes using a lithium-ion battery. This helps travellers residents of remote areas and is ideal for both on-grid and off-grid storage options. There are several other features that make our batteries better than iTech batteries.

    No Memory Effect

    Memory effect is a term that indicates current loss due to chemical reactions within the battery and causes the battery for energy losses regularly. It impacts the lifespan of a battery. This could happen when a battery is partially discharged, followed by a complete charge cycle. Typically, a lead-acid battery energy loss claims one-fifth of stored current due to memory effect. It is not an option in a lithium battery where the energy losses in reported to be under three per cent only.


    Batteries will tend to discharge them if they aren’t in use for a specific time, and you could be in huge trouble when you need them in an emergency. LiFePo4 solar batteries have a meagre self-discharge rate under five per cent. It is mainly due to improved research work by manufacturers.

    Quick Charge Time

    Lithium batteries by Deep Cycle Systems can be charged in very little time compared to acid batteries. Typically, it requires one-fifth of time for a full charge compared with lead-acid batteries.

    No Maintenance

    Lithium batteries require no additional maintenance like lead-acid batteries. Further, you need not worry about providing ventilation to escape any threat of explosion due to hydrogen gassing.

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