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    These solar array systems are best for Australians due to the availability of sunlight for more than eight hours a day. So the chances of solar harvesting are huge. Itech Solar batteries are marked as average battery banks. If you want to opt for improved performance and reliable solar storage cells, deep cycle solar batteries are useful for storing the solar electricity to use during the unavailability of sunlight due to any reason. Deep Cycle Systems provides modern technology battery packs that are famous for their reliability, robustness, and longer lifespan.

    Solar energy has become an integral part of the Australian domestic lifestyle. Solar electricity helps in using sustainable approaches that environment protection agencies mark. Australians have the highest ratio of rooftop solar systems to power their appliances. It is helpful in saving thousands of dollars annually for every homeowner and also provides a sense of freedom from power outages. As the nation has become a leader in the highest solar energy production by individuals, this shows that solar isn’t limited to those living in remote areas without grid electricity.

    Solar System:

    The solar system includes various components that work together to provide uninterrupted solar electricity throughout the day. Our solar system includes solar panels that catch sunlight to produce a direct current supply for electrical appliances. Our experts can design a solar system as per your needs and requirements. You can use the solar system for providing electricity to a small, medium, or even a large family home.

    A solar system for a small home or shed can run a fridge, lighting and can charge their peripheral devices, laptops, cameras, and mobile devices. A solar system for a medium-size home can add a few more appliances, including an oven, fryers, DVD players, etc. The solar system for a large family is designed to provide power to run the entire house and almost every electrical appliance.

    Parts of Solar System:

    A solar system is the setup of devices that aid each other in generating solar electricity, delivering to the targeted electrical system, and storing energy for use when sunlight isn’t available. A solar system consists of the following main parts:

    Solar Panels:

    Solar panels are designed to catch sun rays to produce solar electricity from them. Deep Cycle Systems use Longi solar panels, which are 740watts panels, and you can add as many solar panels to meet your energy requirements. These solar panels produce Direct Current electricity or simply DC supply.


    Inverters are tasked to convert DC supply into alternate current electricity or AC supply. AC supply is used to power home appliances, while the local grid also provides AC supply. Deep Cycle Systems inverters are intelligent and come with modern specs, including sine waveform, MPPT functionality, high initial startup power, and three-phase configuration.

    Solar Batteries:

    Solar power batteries by Deep Cycle Systems are ideal for solar systems due to their robustness. These batteries provide thousands of recharge cycles and typically can serve you for years. You can get thousands of deep discharge power, and there will be no impact on that. These lithium-ion batteries are known for their premium quality and thus leads the battery world. If you have a limited budget and want to save bucks on battery, you can opt for cheap Itech Solar Batteries; however, you have to compromise over key features that are only part of LiFePo4 batteries.

    Solar Accessories:

    We have a complete range of solar accessories that add worth to your solar system. Solar accessories include:

    – Battery management system

    – Solar charge controller

    – MPPT controller

    – Battery protector

    – DC to DC converters

    There are various other solar accessories available at Deep Cycle Systems.

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