Do you have an AGM, Gel or any other lead-acid battery installed in your home to store the energy for you? Are you facing a lot of hassle for maintaining your batteries and spending a lot of money replacing them too often and still cannot get the performance you want? Do not fret! Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in the region, has got you covered with the best and lightest deep cycle battery to accommodate all your needs and that too at an affordable price. All you have to do is get your old battery replaced with a new deep cycle battery, and you will get the best performance.

    Power Storage Battery

    The role of the energy storage battery proved to be a crucial element for various devices and appliances. The energy storage batteries and cells helped humanity cover the journey of growth and development. The cells provide life to appliances like

    The gadgets, appliances and products, i.e., wristwatches, mobile phones, remote controls, sensors for devices, medical equipment, light torches, laptops and various others, use small rechargeable or onetime useable (with longer lifespan) cells or batteries to bring them into life. The battery technology converts desktop computers into laptops, the telephone into mobile phones, invention and conversion of countless wireless and portable devices. The main focus is to reduce the size of the product, make them independent from grid electricity, to use them anywhere at any time without any limitation.

    Battery War

    We know that lead-acid battery is very common as it is the earliest battery technology with over a hundred and a half-century of life. Due to mass production on a global scale, flooded-acid batteries are the cheapest option available. However, as lead-acid is the oldest technology, it lacks the modern features part of the li-ion battery. Lithium-ion is the latest addition with several features that no other battery technology offer. These includes:

    High Energy Density while Being the Lightest Deep Cycle Battery

    Lithium battery technology is designed to improve the low energy density of previous battery types. Although it is the lightest deep cycle battery, it comes with one of the highest energy density, which allows it to store more energy. Energy density is how much energy a battery contains in proportion to its weight. Typically this is measured in watt-hours per kilogram. If a battery has 3.6v and is rated at 3AH with 100 grams, that battery has 108 Wh/kg. On average, the LiFePo4 batteries have an energy density of 100 to 120 Wh/kg.

    • Lightweight
    • The deep discharge rate of up to 90%
    • Long lifespan
    • No self-discharge
    • Lowest memory effect in the industry
    • No maintenance work

    When you have installed our battery, you can rest assured to get a minimum of 2500 cycles and a lot of other tremendous features such as lightweight, increased performance, reliability, long-lasting service life, and many others, compared to that of lead-acid batteries.

    You can connect these batteries with Bluetooth through our app available on Android and IOS. It will show you real-time cell balancing, battery pack voltage, cycle count, charge and discharge current, temperature, etc. You do not have to install expensive battery monitor systems as you can check all these things on your smartphone.

    Want to Install Lightest Deep Cycle Battery?

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