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Lithium Ion Batteries For Increased Performance And Service Life

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    Energy solution seekers have relied on the traditional lead-acid batteries to powerhouses, boats, and RVs for years. Today the houses additionally employ lithium batteries to powerhouse devices like microwaves, water tubes, and other equipment. But lithium batteries give better performance with longer service life. Lithium ion batteries also give a larger band to provide energy in the house and offices. On the other hand, lead-acid batteries are from the 19th century and are around for over 150 years. Lithium batteries are now 21st-century technologies.

    Deep Cycle Systems produces premium batteries using lithium. Our batteries perform very well to provide your residence with consistent electricity. Our batteries are also highly powerful when you need high power, when you start a boat engine, for instance. Deep Cycle Systems lithium batteries are designed to endure severe climates. Depending on the weather, our batteries can endure rain, heat, and cold. Deep Cycle Systems produces dependable, long-lasting battery life. Our batteries offer optimum performance and long service life. Deep Cycle Systems is dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality lithium batteries.

    What are the pros of your solar system with lithium batteries?

    Lithium batteries are characterized by extreme weather resilience. They endure a long period because no active maintenance is required and because power cycles are efficient. The optimum answer to any power demand is currently lithium-ion battery systems in solar systems.

    How is the number of battery cycles determined?

    Any battery will have a number of cycles depending on how low each time the battery is charged. This phenomenon is called load depth or DD. The battery cycles also rely on how quickly the power from the battery is removed.

    In comparison with lithium batteries, a regular lead-acid battery demands greater power. The lithium batteries are efficient and provide a stable power band irrespective of their use for the cranking or continuous power supply. At least 1000+ charging cycles and 100% discharge for years are provided with a decent lithium battery. The lead-acid batteries can supply 500 charging cycles at 80 percent DC compared to the lead-acid battery. Deep cycle batteries from Deep Cycle Systems, however, are more powerful than the conventional battery with lead-acid. Therefore, lithium ion batteries function efficiently with maximum power due to this greater ability to preventing discharge.

    Where can Lithium ion batteries be used?

    Lithium batteries are widespread among boat owners for their appropriate and optimal marine time capabilities for initial purposes. Lithium batteries do not require active maintenance; thus, even when left inactive, they are a stable power source. Lithium batteries’ slow or no discharge capacity allows the lithium battery to deliver confident power to start your boat after extended intervals. The efficient power of lithium-ion batteries also offers long-lasting and durable power so that the centre of the sea is not left untouched. Therefore, lithium batteries are more dependable since they can supply more power responsibly.

    There is no complete charge required for the solar system with lithium batteries:

    Degradation of the platforms is a frequent problem with the batteries of lead-acid if they are regularly not completely charged. On the other hand, lithium ion batteries are not impacted by irregularities of charging. In solar systems, the lithium ion batteries must not be charged to capacity each time. In fact, it is best to leave it with a little partial charge instead of charging it to 100 percent.

    In addition, for the following reasons, lithium ion batteries are more efficient.

    • The term used to describe the round trip is Charge from full to death. Lead-acid battery round-trip efficiency is about 80%.
    • The efficiency of the lithium-ion phosphate battery ranges from 95 percent to 98 percent.
    • The battery has a charge time of fewer than 2 hours of zero for lithium-ion phosphate and is very efficient.


    Deep Cycle Systems specializes in solar system solutions that are integrated with lithium-ion batteries for optimal performance and long-term durability. Our expert installation team, combined with affordable energy solution products, makes us one of the best energy solution providers.


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