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    Are you planning to install backup power storage to provide you with an uninterrupted supply to keep a few or all of your appliances running? Do you need a reliable inverter for this job that can provide you with efficient performance? Do not fret! Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered in this regard. Being one of the most trusted companies in this industry, we provide top-quality modified sine wave inverter units without putting any burden on your pocket.

    Modified and True Sine Waveform

    In the electronics world, the waveform signal is used to show the graph as a function of time which is free from its time and magnitude scales. The oscilloscope represents the waveform of an electrical signal by capturing and plotting values at various time scales.

    The modified sine waveform, also known as square or a modified simulated, is a manufactured type of sine wave which is less expensive to produce. It’s able to operate with most electronic devices. MSW inverter is a more affordable and adaptable alternative to the pure sine wave inverter.

    On the other hand, the pure sine wave, also known as the true sine wave, is a smooth, clean, and best waveform for electronic appliances. The pure sine wave electricity comes from the AC or a wall outlet in your house and works fine with all electronic appliances for smooth and efficient operations.

    Pure sine waveform is more suitable because the voltage rises and falls smoothly and changes polarity instantly when the voltage crosses the zero volt line. This doesn’t cause excessive heat build-up or added stress to electronic devices at it is smooth and consistent change.

    The modified sine wave is more about a light switch with abrupt voltage rises and falls with a longer period of rest at zero volts. The abrupt change may harm some appliances to work oddly, produce electrical noises, and overheat appliances that can damage the sensitive appliances seriously. Though we have MSW inverters, we didn’t recommend using modified sine wave inverters for sensitive electronic appliances, such as dimmer switches variable speed controls, including:

    – Heaters

    – CFL and HID lights

    – Power tools

    – Battery chargers

    – Microwave

    The downside of using a pure sine wave inverter is the associated cost which could be around twice the cost of an MSW inverter. Simulated sine wave inverters are inexpensive and provide the same power in watts as the PSW inverters.

    What is the Best Choice True or Modified Sine Wave Inverter?

    If you have to power the sensitive appliances using an inverter, our fair advice is to go for a pure sine wave inverter as you can’t go wrong in that case. If you are looking for temporary power solutions for tailgating, camping on a road trip or marine tour, or just to power your laptop, a modified sine wave inverter is a smart and affordable option to invest in. Here’s the takeaway, a modified sine wave inverter may sound scary, but in reality, the picture isn’t that scary, you may think. They just need to be used appropriately. They are suitable for the majority of the appliances for average use.

    Modified Sine Wave Inverter Deep Cycle System

    We have been doing this business for years and have gained extensive experience in this field. We know that needs of every person are different from the others. Some might need this system to run a few appliances, and some might want them to supply power to the whole house. Thus, to accommodate each of our customers, we provide true and modified sine wave inverter. So, you can rest assured that every requirement of yours will be met when you install our inverter.

    These inverters come with an eco-mode. You can pre-set a value, and when the load decreases that value, the inverter will switch to standby mode, and if the load exceeds that, it will remain on. You can also connect them with a smartphone to monitor using a Bluetooth Smart dongle.

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