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    Solar energy is the most efficient, cleaner, and green solution for energy usage. Approximately 173,000 terawatts (trillions of watts) of solar energy strikes the earth every single day. This is 20 times more than the amount of energy required by the world. Solar energy is renewable; hence it provides a greater good for the environment. A new solar battery enables storing the solar energy to be used when the sunlight is not available. Without a battery, your power system will be unable to provide energy for later use. This means no power backup in case of grid failure. In the case of off-grid, power will go out as soon as there is no sunlight. Henceforth, solar batteries are recommended to be used with solar systems for continuous and uninterrupted power supply.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a premium solar battery provider for all your energy needs. We are a leading manufacturer of reliable and durable solar batteries. Deep Cycle Systems has been in the business of supplying solar batteries for years to our valuable customers. Therefore, our solar batteries are put through years of research and development before making their way to our customers. Deep Cycle Systems solar batteries are built to withstand harsh weather conditions along with providing long-lasting service life. Our solar batteries are capable of delivering maximum power with an extended amount of battery cycles.

    How Does A New Solar Battery Works?

    When installing a solar power system at your house, office, RV, or cabin, a new solar battery will store the excess energy produced by solar panels instead of sending it back to the grid. Thus the excess energy produced by panels is used to charge batteries. Once your solar batteries are fully charged, the solar system can resume sending energy back to the grid.

    Types of New Solar Batteries

    New solar batteries vary according to your usage and load. A typical lead-acid battery can be used in a solar system. However, lithium-ion batteries supply more efficient power. While lead-acid batteries cost less as compared to lithium batteries, lithium-ion provides more battery charging cycles. It is up to you to decide what battery type works best for you. We have mentioned details of solar batteries as following.

    Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries

    Flooded lead-acid or commonly referred lead-acid batteries, have been around us for the last 150 years. They are among the most common and widely adopted batteries for energy power solutions on a small scale. Lead-acid batteries are easy to buy, commonly used in off-grid setups, and they cost lesser than modern technology batteries. Lead-acid batteries are easily disposable as compared to lithium batteries.

    • Flooded lead-acid batteries need routine maintenance as their battery cells need to be submerged in water. The smart move is to check the water at least once a month.
    • Lead-acid batteries emit gas; therefore, their storage area must be ventilated.

    Lithium Batteries

    A new solar battery can be used as Lithium batteries. These are modern-day batteries with their usability in laptops, cell phones, and more recently, into renewable energy.

    Lithium batteries come with quicker charging, minimum discharge, longer battery life, and no maintenance. They offer more efficiency but at a greater price.

    Why Buy Your New Solar Batteries from Deep Cycle Systems?

    We at Deep Cycle Systems provide our valuable customers with high-quality new solar batteries. Deep Cycle Systems is committed to providing reliable and durable products. Our extended list of products includes inverters, solar panels, solar batteries, deep cycle batteries, lithium batteries, and battery chargers. Deep Cycle Systems provides complete energy solutions to its customers. Our product line is built to withstand harsh weather conditions.

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