We have a wide range of MEGA fuse available with us. You can order any of these types according to your requirements. The options we have with us include 60A/32V, 80A/32V, 100A/32V, 125A/32V, 150A/32V, 175A/32V, 200A/32V, 225A/32V, 250A/32V, 300A/32V, 400A/32V, 500A/32V, 125A/58V for 48V products, 200A/58V for 48V products, 250A/58V for 48V products, and 300A/58V for 48V products. Whichever of these variants you want, book your order today and they will be delivered at your doorstep.

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You can also order simple fuse holder or Modular fuse holder for MEGA fuse separately.

Bus bar to connect 5 Modular MEGA Fuse holders (500 A) and Bus bar to connect 6 Modular MEGA Fuse holders (1500 A) can also be ordered separately.

Five position high current bus bar (500 A)

With one M10 input connection.

Input current up to 500 A.

Six position high current bus bar (1500 A)

With two M10 input connections.

Input current up to 2000 A.

Recommended to parallel multiple high power Multi or Quattro inverter/chargers.

Dimensions N/A

60A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 80A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 100A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 125A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 150A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 175A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 200A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 225A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 250A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 300A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 400A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 500A/32V (package of 5 pcs), 125A/58V for 48V products (1 pc), 200A/58V for 48V products (1 pc), 250A/58V for 48V products (1 pc), 300A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)