Orion-Tr DC-DC Converters Isolated



  • Remote on-off
  • Adjustable output voltage
  • IP43 protection
  • High temperature protected
  • Short circuit proof

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  1. Select a cool, dry and ventilated area.
  2. Connect the input supply cables. Note: the 12V and 24V input models have an internal input fuse (not replaceable). The 48V models do not have this fuse: external fuse required.
  3. Optional remote on/off: replace the wire bridge on the green connector by a switch (switched current is less than 100mA), or remove the wire bridge and connect the left-hand terminal of the green connector to the battery plus with a switch (this could for example be the engine run/stop switch).
  4. Adjustable output voltage: The default values are 12,2V, 24,2V or 48,2V, depending on the model. The output voltage can be set between approximately – 15% to + 25% of the default output voltage by turning the potentiometer. Turn counter clockwise to decrease the output voltage. Turn clockwise to increase the output voltage.
  5. The output is overload and short circuit proof. The converters can therefore be connected in parallel, and can be used to float-charge a battery. (Always adjust the output voltage before connecting in parallel or connecting a battery)
  6. Connect the load. The converter is now ready for use.
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Orion-Tr Isolated

Orion-Tr 12/12-9A (110W), Orion-Tr 12/12-18A (220W), Orion-Tr 12/12-30A (360W), Orion-Tr 12/24-5A (120W), Orion-Tr 12/24-10 (240W), Orion-Tr 12/24-15A (360W), Orion-Tr 24/12-9A (110W), Orion-Tr 24/12-20A (240W), Orion-Tr 24/12-30A (360W), Orion-Tr 24/24-5A (120W), Orion-Tr 24/24-12A (280W), Orion-Tr 24/24-17A (400W), Orion-Tr 24/48-2.5A (120W), Orion-Tr 24/48-6A (280W), Orion-Tr 24/48-8.5A (400W), Orion-Tr 48/12-9A (110W), Orion-Tr 48/12-20A (240W), Orion-Tr 48/12-30A (360W), Orion-Tr 48/24-5A (120W), Orion-Tr 48/24-12A (280W), Orion-Tr 48/24-16A (380W), Orion-Tr 48/48-2.5A (120W), Orion-Tr 48/48-6A (280W)