VE Transfer Switch



  • Designed to switch sensitive loads
  • Two inputs and one output
  • Automatic transfers
  • Highly efficient and reliable
  • Ultra-fast transfer

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The TRANSFER SWITCH is situated between a generator or shore and inverter. If the voltage level or the frequency of the generator or the shore varies (input 1), then the TRANSFER SWITCH switches to the inverter (input 2). Once the generator or the shore supply has remained continuously stable, the TRANSFER SWITCH switches back (input 1) with a delay of approximately 10 seconds. This way, the appliances are protected against damage from voltage drops. During transfer between one of the power sources (input 1 or input 2), the appliances are not supplied with power for a short time. Because of this, computers, electronic devices etc. connected to this group might lose data. The TRANSFER SWITCH can be used with any type of inverter but the best results, however, are obtained with an inverter from Victron Energy.


VE Transfer Switch is available in 5kVA/230V and 10kVA/230V models.

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VE Transfer Switch

5kVA/230V, 10kVA/230V