Solar battery backup

Solar Battery Backup during a grid cut-off to power your house

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    Sunlight is the most abundant resource on planet earth. It is a renewable and never-ending resource, and human civilization can utilize sunlight as much as needed. Yet, the earth has more sunlight with the potential to energize the whole planet. Solar energy is relatively a newer technology being adopted by humans. However, the solar battery backup solution is now one of the most widely adopted techniques for capturing the potential that sunlight has to offer.

    Planet earth receives approximately 173,000 terawatts of solar energy in 24 hours. This amount is 20 times more than the amount required to provide energy to the whole planet. Henceforth, solar energy is one of the best, cost-effective, and active pollution-free solutions. Solar energy can revolutionize the planet’s environmental problem if it is adapted on a larger scale. However, the limitation to sunlight is that it is available during the day only. Therefore to have power during the night, humans have developed solar batteries to provide uninterrupted backup.  Solar batteries are therefore recommended to be paired with your solar system. Without solar batteries, you will run out of power as soon as sunlight goes away.

    Deep Cycle Systems is a leading manufacturer for providing premium quality solar batteries to our valuable customers. Our solar battery comes with fast charging capabilities. Deep Cycle Systems manufactures strong, reliable batteries. Our batteries deliver durable performance in the harshest weather conditions. Deep Cycle Systems batteries are built to withstand tough working conditions. Therefore, our solar battery provides a long-lasting service life. Deep Cycle Systems has been in the business of manufacturing solar batteries for years. Henceforth, our batteries are researched and developed under years of experience by energy solution experts. Deep Cycle Systems solar battery is one of the best options you can get for your energy solution.

    Understanding the Solar Batteries:

    Solar batteries are getting mainstream with the advancement in technology. Solar technology has improved in terms of efficiency and the amount of load it can pick for your domestic and industrial usage. Solar panels in this regard have developed into several types according to the need of the consumer. With an increase in demand, the solar battery has also become a common sight in homes, off-grid cabins, RV’s, camping grounds and other settings. However, solar batteries can essentially be classified into several other main types of batteries according to chemistry.

    Lead-Acid Flooded Battery:

    The traditional lead-acid battery has been around for 150 years. These batteries have powered everything from the past to modern-day home appliances and outdoor activities. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper in terms of purchasing. However, they need to be actively maintained and offer relatively fewer battery service life as compared to a deep cycle or lithium battery. The lead-acid battery also emits gas; therefore, it needs to be kept in a ventilated place.

    Deep Cycle Battery:
    This is the most common type of battery being used in solar battery backup. Deep cycle battery discharges several times. It is costs less than a lithium battery and offers renewable energy.

    Lithium-ion Battery:

    A lithium-ion battery is the most advanced form of battery. It has developed in recent years; however, it costs more but provides a longer service life.

    Why is Deep Cycle Systems one of the best energy solution providers?

    Because we have been in the business of providing energy solutions to our customers for years, Deep Cycle Systems, through its years of research and development, has developed an extended list of products. These products include lithium batteries, deep cycle, lead-acid batteries, solar panels, solar systems, battery chargers and an ever-growing list. We offer a one-stop solution for premium energy solutions.

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