Victron charge controller

Victron Charge Controller for Smart Charging Management

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victron charge controller

    A charge controller is referred to as a regulator. It is similar to a battery charger, i.e., it regulates the current being flown into the battery from the solar panel. It plays a role in avoiding the battery to prevent overcharge. The Victron charge controller can be used to charge various battery types. Henceforth, a charge controller has the ability to accommodate different types of batteries. A charge controller is especially very suitable for lithium batteries.

    Deep Cycle Systems provides durable and reliable batteries to our valuable customers. Our deep cycle batteries are made of top-notch quality while delivering optimal performance. Deep Cycle Systems has been manufacturing charge controllers for years. Henceforth, our charge controllers are fully researched and developed, with years of field experience being put into them. Deep Cycle Systems delivers long-lasting charge controllers to our customers. We are committed to providing premium charge controllers built on industrial standards. Deep Cycle Systems delivers one of the best quality and long-lasting charge controllers.

    Charge controllers can regulate absorption voltage, float voltage. It can also select time periods for tail current. These controllers are especially beneficial for lithium-ion batteries as they can provide float charging once the battery is fully charged. This causes the battery to stay at its maximum level without experiencing any discharge. The smart charger controller maintains the voltage at 13.6V when not in use.

    The three phases of charging sequences are bulk mode > absorption mode > float mode. The bulk mode starts in the morning at sunrise. The re-entry in the bulk mode occurs in lithium batteries and lead-acid batteries.


    How to set float charge in lithium-ion batteries?

    A lithium-ion battery does not have any defined float charge. Henceforth, the float charge needs to be set up just below the charge knew voltage. The controller needs to hold this voltage for the remainder of the day after bulk charging the battery.

    Difference between PWM and MPPT charge controller?

    • A PWM controller is basically a current being drawn out of the panel just above the battery voltage.
    • On the other hand, in an mppt controller, the current is drawn out of the panel at the panel’s maximum power voltage. S
    • Often times an mpppt controller is said to guarantee at least 20% or more energy being harvested from an MPPT controller. However, this number actually varies in summer and winter, depending upon the charging conditions.
    • A PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. In contrast, an MPPT stands for Maximum Power Tracking. It is essentially a smart controller for DC to AC conversion of voltage.

    Victron charge controller ensures smooth charging of your battery while maintaining and regulating the float charge.

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