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    Do you have a solar off-grid system or a grid backup system installed in your house or commercial property? Managing the complete system and keeping an eye on each component in the system can be quite difficult and hectic. If you want to avoid this hassle, you need to install a monitoring system, and there is no other device better to do this job than Victron Colour Control GX offered by Deep Cycle Systems. We provide a high-quality and reliable monitoring system at an affordable price.

    The Victron control GX we provide is the heart of your energy system as it is connected to all the devices such as inverter, charger, solar charger, and batteries. It controls all of these devices and ensures that they work smoothly in coordination. With the help of Victron GX, you can even monitor and configure your system remotely through the VRM portal. It comes with a mounting bracket and screws, snap-on ferrite beads, can terminators, and a power cable with an inline fuse and M8 terminal eyes.

    At Deep Cycle Systems, we also offer a Victron charge controller that will help you recharge your batteries efficiently and avoid deep discharge. The charge control helps in recharging the batteries through a multistage charging algorithm. This algorithm charges the battery bank quickly and also helps in keeping it safe from any damage.

    Victron Color Control (CCGX) gives natural control and checking to all Victron power grids. The list of Victron items that can be associated is unlimited: Inverters, Multis, Quattros, MPPT sunlight based chargers, BMV battery screens, Lynx Ion + Shunt, and that’s just the beginning. It is a communication centre for your installation.  Moreover, It offers initially live data and allows you to control all items associated with it. Complete framework control is acquired – anyplace on the planet – by getting to your Color Control GX utilizing our allowed to utilize Victron Remote Management Portal (VRM).

    Benefits of Victron colour control Gx

    Victron Remote Management (VRM) gives you full admittance to the exceptionally broad controls and settings of all framework parts which are associated with either your CCGX or Venus GX. It permits the distant client and installer login – from anyplace, at whenever. This amazing application additionally accommodates bother free demonstrative checks and examination of documented data.


    • The Color Control GX can be modified to auto-start your generator – set off by low-voltage or battery’s condition of charge. It can be further tailored to delay ignition until the end of ‘quiet’ periods – avoiding accidental nuisance at dead of night.
    • A Remote Console highlight is accessible. It resembles conveying the front substance of your CCGX control board around on your telephone or another gadget.
    • The Color Control GX oversees Energy Storage Systems. It keeps backup batteries at 100%, kicks in during influence cuts, and redirects overabundance (solar ) influence to self-utilization – setting aside your cash.
    • Are you arranging an excursion? Remote observing of your Color Control GX permits you to ensure your boat or RV are all set. Shading Control GX additionally enables you to converse with connection gear with other manufacture.

    These advancements in solar batteries technology enable a better and stable energy band. Batteries range from different sizes to different types. Depending upon your usage and availability of space, you can install an ideal solar inverter for your office to house and RV’s. These solar inverters provide energy to your house directly during the sunlight. However, if the sunlight cuts off, these solar inverters can still provide energy when and where needed due to their hybrid functionally.

    Apart from that, a value factor can never be dismissed regardless of this load of things. When we need to have an inverter or some other machine in Australia, we are the only organization managing this specialty for quite a long time. The entirety of our items are progressed, and costs are likewise genuinely sensible.

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