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    Having an off-grid power system installed in their property is popular nowadays among residents of Australia. Power interruptions from the main grid can happen at any time, and it disturbs your daily routine and even cost you a lot of money if you work online. If you are on the lookout for an uninterrupted power supply, you are advised to go for an off-grid solar system. To assist your solar system with a reliable and efficient inverter and battery charger, Deep Cycle Systems offers Victron EasyPlus at an affordable price.

    The inverter system offered by Deep Cycle Systems comes in a single unit compact design. It works as a powerful true sine wave inverter, a sophisticated battery charger that features adaptive charge technology, and a high-speed AC transfer switch in a single unit. Now you do not have to install a separate inverter and a separate charger. It chargers your battery quickly with no damages via an intelligent adaptive battery management system that helps you get an uninterrupted power supply all day long.

    Five Steps Installation:

    As the name suggests, The EasyPlus is designed for simple installation even for a person with moderate technical knowledge, though safety precautions should be followed in any case. The five installation steps save time helps in the understanding system. Sockets for AC connections and plugs come with packing, while the battery cables are also fitted to EasyPlus so that you can reduce the mingling process of hours.

    Step 1.

    The mounting site should be close to the battery bank. Install the mounting bracket on the wall and fix EasyPlus to brackets. The screws that come inbox will help in fixing EasyPlus tightly.

    Step 2.

    You need to connect the input power and the outgoing circuits with EasyPlus.

    Step 3.

    Control panel connection with UTP patch lead is optional and is at your own discretion.

    Step 4.

    Connect temperature sensor and battery bank cables to the batteries; the temperature sensor will help save the battery from high-temperature damage due to voltage fluctuations.

    Step 5.

    Switch on the Residual Current Device or RCD, followed by AC distribution and the inverter to prepare the entire system for usage.

    EasyPlus Functionality:

    The EasyPlus is attached to power batteries and to the shore power or generator to get current for storage purposes. You have to set the limit of maximum available current coming from grid, generator, or shore current with the help of a dial placed on the control panel. There are two sets of appliances segregated on the basis of their power capacity.

    The first segregation includes regular use appliances with low power consumption, including lights, sockets, and small kitchen equipment. Both shore power and battery power can power these appliances and applications.

    The second chunk of appliances includes heavy-duty appliances, including air conditioning, central heating system, and water heating system, etc. Such appliances are power hungry and will drain the battery bank in no time, so they got power only from shore, grid, or generator, and if the grid or shore is off or not supplying current, these appliances will go off. Using the PowerAssist feature, EasyPlus will feed extra inverter power to reduce load onshore or generator.

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