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    Are you planning to install a hybrid system in your house or commercial property? Do you already have one installed on your premises, which is not performing as well as it should be? Do not fret! Deep Cycle Systems, one of the top companies in Australia, has got you covered in this regard. We provide high-quality and reliable hybrid solar systems as well as a reliable yet simple wall-mounted energy storage solution Victron EcoMulti at an affordable price.

    As the name states, EcoMulti performs multiple actions at the same time. During the daytime, it takes energy from solar panels via an inverter. This energy is used to power up your household appliances. The surplus energy will be used to charge the battery storage. Once the storage is fully recharged, the excess current can be used to power up other appliances, and if not, the EcoMulti will feed back energy into the main grid.

    The EcoMulti is an all-in-one solar power system that can remain connected with the grid and also has the features of the off-grid solar power system. It is designed to meet different scenarios, boost energy efficiency, and lower electricity costs by reducing grid dependency.

    Here are different scenarios for EcoMulti System:

    Night Time:

    EcoMulti disconnects the grid during nighttime and uses electricity from the battery to power the active load. On drainage of battery, EcoMulti will connect to the grid.

    Battery Charging:

    If the battery is discharged during nighttime, EcoMulti will wait for the next day to get solar energy to charge the battery rather than charging it using grid electricity.

    Grid Assist Function during Day Time:

    EcoMulti will stop charging the battery in case of low solar productivity hours or when electricity demand exceeds solar production. The excess demand is supported by grid electricity, and there will be no power disruption or power failure.

    Battery Full Charged:

    In case, during day time, when the battery is fully charged, and solar electricity is available in excess, the extra electricity can be utilized for additional loads, i.e., water heating or others. You can also opt for exporting electricity to the grid.

    End of the Day:

    EcoMulti is designed in such a way that it disconnects the grid after ten minutes period when photovoltaic solar plates aren’t producing solar electricity. The cloudy conditions or lack of sunlight could result in false disconnection; however, the built-in internal timer is intelligent enough to sense either it is day or night.

    Three Phase Integration:

    EcoMulti can be paired for three-phase integration. You need three EcoMulti models for parallel connectivity to get three-phase output.

    It also comes with an intelligent battery management system that offers cell balancing. It will shut down the system in case of the cell over voltage, cell under voltage, and over temperature. The charging process has four stages adaptive charging algorithm that helps keep the storage safe and enhance its life.

    Freedom from Grid:

    If you want to produce almost 100% electricity using Victron EcoMulti, you need to increase your storage capacity, which will focus more on storing solar electricity in a battery bank rather than exporting it to the grid. It is ideal to increase the number of solar panels for the winter season to get more watts for your consumption.

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