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    Are you looking for batteries that can help you increase your profit and sell more? Do you want golf cart batteries that are robust and offer extended durability? If yes, then Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered. When it comes to golf cart batteries, we are second to none. We offer wholesale golf cart batteries at low prices. These batteries will help you enhance your sales and make more profit.

    Deep Cycle Systems has been one of Australia’s leading lithium iron phosphate battery manufacturers for more than a decade. Our top-quality lithium iron phosphate battery products have fulfilled our customer base. Our battery wholesale is active; check out our products to get your batteries at the best rates.



    High Charging Rate and Depth of Discharge

    Lifepo4 battery has a high charge rate, and their depth of discharge can reach over 90% under the condition of discharge, while the lead-acid battery gives about 80%.

    Lifepo4 Battery High-Safety Performance

    The cells in lithium iron phosphate are consistent and hard to deplete. It doesn’t get destroyed or overheated even at a high temperature and has impressive security.

    Lifepo4 Battery Long Life Cycle

    Lifepo4 battery utilizes lithium iron phosphate as a positive anode material. The lead-destructive battery has a lesser life cycle and generally drains on many occasions. The lithium iron phosphate battery has, on numerous occasions, more life cycle, and the standard charge (5-hour rate) can be used on multiple occasions.

    Incredible Temperature Resistance

    The temperature of lithium iron phosphate can reach 350 ° C to 500 ° C. With a wide working temperature range (- 20C to+75C) and high-temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate batteries can undoubtedly work in the climate where temperature can reach 350 °C-500 °C.

    Lifepo4 Battery Gives High Effectiveness

    These batteries are smaller than destructive lead batteries yet give higher energy effectiveness and are superior to lead batteries.

    No Memory Impact

    Lifepo4 battery doesn’t have any memory impact no matter the battery’s condition; it will generally be used with the charge, with no reason to discharge and charge again and again.

    Lifepo4 batteries are Eco Friendly

    Lifepo4 batteries are non-toxic, non-degrading, provide incredible security execution, a compact structure, no maintenance, and long life. It is an ideal cathode material, and because of being water-resistant, it will not leak like a lead-acid battery and release fumes that harm the environment.

    Why Pick Deep Cycle Systems?

    We never compromise on the battery quality. Our batteries contain many features that some other brand battery makers don’t give. We guarantee that the customers will feel a significant difference between the quality of our battery and other batteries.

    Best Lithium Cell Improvement

    Our lithium batteries use the best lithium cells that are gotten ready for quality results. The lithium cells can present up to 90% charge of their rate limit, while a standard lead-destructive battery can be conveyed half for safe activities.

    Longer battery life

    Deep Cycle Systems lithium batteries beat other battery cells by offering multiple times more lifetime. A standard lead-destructive battery has an ordinary of 300 to 500 life cycles, while our lithium cell can offer 3000 to 5000 life cycles.

    Integrated Battery Management System

    Our battery banks accompany an integrated Battery Management System available with our batteries for information about voltage, temperature, charge condition, and other battery data. Unlike other battery producers that use BMS for false advertisements and fake sales, our BMS will work successfully and accurate to form.

    Bluetooth Association

    Our batteries accompany a Bluetooth association support. The Bluetooth will associate the battery with the client’s smart device to provide all the vital information identified.

    Advanced Cell Balancing

    Our lithium batteries are made by keeping trend-setting innovation rules and techniques. Various kinds of battery cells can harm the battery due to charging and draining over a period. The misbalance in cell equilibrium can cause cell destruction, and as requirements are, cell changing is crucial for battery efficiency and life. The progressed cell balancing moves the high voltage of an individual cell to one with low voltage.

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