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Solar batteries

    There are numerous advantages of solar power that count towards the ecosystem and to individuals. By limiting the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions, we can provide a healing opportunity to our mother planet. For individuals, the immediate impact is the drastic downfall in electricity expenses which could be close to zero in the case of a comprehensive solar design to meet your needs. During day time, the solar plates can generate enough electricity to supply the entire home, while you can buy solar battery storage to get back up for use during nighttime.

    The threat of global warming is jolting the lifecycle on planet earth. We can overcome this threat with a joint effort by eliminating the carbon dioxide due to human activities, i.e., limit the use of coal and fossil fuel in producing electricity. What is the need of the hour is to push hard the adaptability of renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one of the easiest and reliable sources that everyone can use for domestic or for commercial engagements.

    If you are searching for the best solar systems, then your search ends here. Deep Cycle Systems is one of the leading companies offering reliable solar systems at an affordable price.

    Why Deep Cycle Systems:

    You may wonder why to choose us despite there are a number of options available in the market. The answer is simple, we manufacture the best deep cycle battery units, and our stockpile includes high-precision solar products for reliable and efficient results. Our lithium battery packs are performance-proven that you can rely on. These are maintenance-free battery units, so there is nothing to worry about, whereas a flooded-acid battery requires continuous maintenance check else, you would get the reduced backup time and result in a shorter life.

    Key Features of Solar Batteries:

    Solar Batteries by Deep Cycle Systems are known for providing premium services. We never adjust less than perfect in any way, so you can expect robust performance from our battery storage devices. Here are the shining features of solar battery storage by Deep Cycle Systems:

    Deep Discharge:

    Our deep cycle solar batteries provide deep discharge to loads which means that you can discharge up to 90% of the total battery capacity. In the case of a lead-acid battery, the recommended discharge capacity is half at the most. We have IP65 and IP67 battery chargers for deep cycle lithium battery units that can charge a fully drained battery.

    High Energy Density:

    Flooded acid battery packs are heavier than our deep cycle batteries. The reason behind the sleek and lightweight battery is the use of lithium-ion that has five times the high energy density. Our batteries are small in size, and their low weight means you can easily relocate your battery without asking for help.

    Battery Memory Effect:

    The battery memory effects result in loss of storage capacity. This happens when you charge the battery repeatedly after partial discharge. The acid battery has the highest rate of memory effect, which is around 20% of total battery capacity, whereas the battery memory effect for a lithium-ion battery is under 5%, which is four times lower.

    Battery Life:

    Lithium batteries offer the longest battery life than any other battery technology. Typically, you would need to replace an acid battery after a period of two years, whereas a lithium battery comes with five years warranty, and by using the right battery charger with protection from overcharge and voltage protection, you can get a decade long battery life.

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    Deep Cycle Systems is committed to offering the best current storage cells. You should buy solar battery storage that is known for reliable services in the market like lithium cells. Give us a call at 1300 597 327

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