If waking up to the sound of kookaburras in the early hours is preferable to the drone of traffic, then you are no doubt someone who appreciates getting away from it all. And the further the better. For most people this will mean loading up the 4WD and driving far far away from the noise and lights of the city. The potential downside to this however would be being far far away from services and help should you need it. A remote location, with hard to access points is not somewhere you want to be if you need help. So you need to have complete trust in your vehicle and accessories.

The challenges of off roading are many. Thankfully with a DCS 12V or 24V battery under your bonnet, battery performance and reliability will not be one of them.

Of course not all batteries are created the same. The most common battery cell technology for vehicles is AGM (absorbed glass mat). However those in the know are using the more advanced DCS LiFePO4 technology. With advantages in durability, reliability, safety and being a quarter of the weight and six times the service life of an AGM battery. Not to mention the fact that you don’t need any fancy DC-DC chargers.

Of course its easy to say that our batteries are the best – I mean why wouldn’t we. But the fact of the matter is the numbers don’t lie. So lets take a look at them.

One DCS LFP battery will do the job of 3 top of the range AGMs. The amount of usable energy of a DCS LFP battery is 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD), compared to around 30% with most AGMs – note that some suppliers will state this number to be 50% but that is misleading as this would reduce the lifespan of that battery significantly. So to keep comparisons fair, we are going with a generous number of 30% even though most manufactures recommend to only do 20% DOD.

DCS LFP batteries have up to 6 times the lifespan of AGMs.

So 1 DCS LFP battery will do the job of 18 AGMs over the course of its life.

Now those 3 AGMs under your bonnet would weigh in at around 81kgs.

The 1 DCS LFP battery needed to replace those 3 batteries weighs just 14kg.

That’s a weight saving of 66kgs.

An average 12V 100AH AGM battery will set you back around $340.

A DCS 12V 100AH battery will cost you $1199.

So when you consider that you need 3 AGMs to get the equivalent amount of usable energy as 1 DCS, and that over the course of its life you will need to replace those 3 AGM batteries 6 times, that $300 is actually more like $6,000.


So by investing an extra couple of hundred dollars at the start by buying a quality DCS battery you will save over $4,200 dollars in the long run!

Deep Cycle Systems 12V and 24V batteries have the proven reliability you need to go wherever you want.

With extreme vibration resistance (tested to military standards 514.6) a superior service life, top of the range cell chemistry, reliability and safety as key components, your off road adventures will be limited only by your imagination.

Shakira’s hips don’t lie and neither do these numbers. Install a DCS battery and set off on your off road adventure today.

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