Isolation Transformers



  • Soft start
  • Safe and reliable
  • The best solution to avoid galvanic corrosion
  • Prevents the shore power fuse from blowing
  • Low noise and low weight

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When it comes to avoiding galvanic corrosion, installing isolation transformer is the best solution. It does not only help you avoid galvanic corrosion, but at the same time, also prevents any unsafe situation. All you have to do is purchase it and connect it to the shore side supply.

It helps you eliminate the electrical continuity between shore power and the boat. You have to connect the shore power to the one side of the transformer and the boat to the other. Once done with that, it will completely isolate the ship from the shore supply. Furthermore, you need to connect all the metal parts to the neutral output on the other side and if there happens to be a short circuit, a fuse will blow or GFCI will trip to avoid any mishap.

Temperature protection

One of the main features if this transformer is that it is protected against overheating. It is fan cooled that is temperature controlled and if there happens to be overheating, it will automatically switch off.


The Isolation Transformer is available in 2000W 115/230V, 3600W 115/230V, 7000W 230V, and 3600W Auto 115/230V models.

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Isolation Trans

Isolation Trans. 2000W 115/230V, Isolation Trans. 3600W 115/230V, Isolation Trans. 7000W 230V, Isolation Trans. 3600W Auto 115/230V