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Automatic equalization

When DS-1 is switched on, the absorption charge will be followed by a voltage limited constant current period. The yellow LED “abs” will blink during equalization. The current is limited to 8% of the bulk current for all VRLA (Gel or AGM) batteries and some flooded batteries, and to 25% of the bulk current for all tubular plate batteries. The bulk current is the rated charger current (80A or 100A) unless a lower setting has been chosen (charge current can be reduced with the current setting potentiometer and rotary switch in position 8, or with the Can bus interface).

If, as recommended by most battery manufacturers, the bulk charge current is about 20A per 100Ah battery capacity (i.e. 500Ah for a 100A charger), the 8% limit translates to 1,6A per 100Ah battery capacity, and the 25% limit translates to 5A per 100Ah capacity.

In case of all VRLA batteries and some flooded batteries (rotary switch position 1, 2 or 3) automatic equalization ends when the voltage limit max V has been reached, or after t = (absorption time)/8, whichever comes first. For all tubular plate batteries automatic equalization ends after t = (absorption time)/2.


The Skylla-i is available in 24V/ 80A (1+1), 24V/ 80A (3), 24V/ 100A (1+1), and 24V/ 100A (3) models. Skylla-i remote on-off cable can also be ordered separately.

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Skylla-i 24/80 (1+1), Skylla-i 24/80 (3), Skylla-i 24/100 (1+1), Skylla-i 24/100 (3)