Phoenix Charger



  • Battery voltage sense facility
  • 3 outputs
  • Computer interface
  • Adaptive battery management
  • Battery temperature Sensor

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It is a fully high-frequency switched charger. The input is electronically power factor corrected by the first power stage. The next stage gives provision for galvanic isolation and a perfect DC voltage at the output terminals. A very accurate charging state is guaranteed because the charging process is microcontroller regulated.

The internal electronic parts are protected against moisture and dirt by means of a special coating, which assures a long lifetime of your charger. Two high-capacity batteries and an additional low capacity battery can be charged with this charger.

Rapid charging

In the first stage, the bulk phase, of the charging cycle the batteries are charged with higher current then traditional charging methods. The bulk phase will stop at the point where the voltage will be 14,4V or 28,8V. From here the absorption phase will start. Based on the measured bulk time the length of the absorption time will be calculated. For this the charger micro-controller will monitor several parameters.


The Phoenix Charger is available in 12V/ 30A, 12V/ 50A, 24V/ 16A, and 24V/ 25A models.

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Phoenix Charger

Phoenix Charger 12/30(2+1) 120-240V, Phoenix Charger 12/50(2+1) 120-240V, Phoenix Charger 24/16(2+1) 120-240V, Phoenix Charger 24/25(2+1)120-240V