Slim Line Lithium Battery 12v 200ah is the Largest Deep Cycle Battery That Can Meet All Your Power Storage Requirements

Slim Line Lithium Battery 12v 200ah is the Largest Deep Cycle Battery That Can Meet All Your Power Storage Requirements

Lithium is an important substance for battery packs. Though lead-acid battery was the first rechargeable battery type, lithium batteries opened the door to storing enormous power. Apart from enhanced power storage capacity, lithium batteries address the issues of all other battery types. This leads to making bigger lithium batteries while reducing their size significantly. If you are searching for the largest deep cycle battery, you are at the right place. This blog will help you find the best deep cycle battery that can meet all your power storage needs.


Lithium is the chemical substance used to make the most efficient rechargeable batteries of the era. As lithium is the lightest chemical substance, lithium is best for making quality batteries for high-performance electronics and EVs. As per estimation, the lithium market will be valued at around $242 billion in the year 2026. Due to its preciousness, lithium is also known as white oil or white gold.

Some of the major lithium-producing countries include;

  • Australia
  • Chile
  • China
  • Mexico

Who is leading the manufacturing of Lithium Ion Batteries

Currently, various countries are either trying to start production of a Slim Line lithium battery or are in the planning phase. Among all nations, China is the leading country on the global stage, manufacturing LiFePo4 batteries for various products, EVs, RVs, Solar Batteries and general purpose backup power. However, the issue with Chinese lithium batteries involves low-quality, cheap and inferior products. To overcome this, Deep Cycle Systems launched its own lithium battery manufacturing plant that meets all local and international quality standards. The demand for lithium batteries is at an all-time high as the global battery production combined represents well under 10% of what we will require after a decade.

Importance of Lithium Batteries

Power storage devices are critical for modern appliances since they must be available with backup power around the clock. The demand for deep cycle batteries has increased significantly to a new high. Today, the lithium battery 12v 200ah is most commonly used for household electric equipment, mainly as a backup in the event of a power outage. Deep cycle batteries are essential for modern gadgets with dynamic characteristics. The inventions, development, and improvement of battery technology by Nobel laureates John B. Goodenough, Stanley Whittingham, and Akira Yoshino resulted in a substantial improvement in our way of life.

Changing Power Dynamics

Fossil fuels played an important influence in the development of world economies. Humans have changed since they discovered how to use energy more productively, i.e. from lighting the first fire to storing energy in power grids and battery banks. These fossil fuels aided countries in rapidly navigating the oceans; nonetheless, they had an influence on our living environment, and the damage is beyond our conception. Eunice Foote discovered that carbon dioxide raised the earth’s temperature in 1856. Edwin Drake discovered oil in Western Pennsylvania in 1859.

Edward Teller delivered a speech regarding the future of energy at the American Oil Industry’s centennial celebration. He issued a warning to explore other energy sources due to rising carbon emissions from the usage of fossil fuels, which produce the greenhouse effect and raise sea levels by melting ice caps at the northern poles.

The global economy primarily depends on fossil fuels, which account for 84 per cent of energy consumption, resulting in increased carbon emissions. Industrialized nations have become too reliant on fossil fuels, while coal is used to generate the vast majority of energy worldwide. The world’s leaders have pledged to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which may be accomplished by moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources to provide adequate electricity.

The Battery World of Today

We now have net generation consumer electrical items and gadgets powered by backup power, such as earphones, smartphone mobiles, laptop computers, cordless vacuum cleaners, electric scooters, drones, electric cars, military installations, and even in the aviation business. It’s all due to lithium-ion battery technology.

The lithium battery technology has laid the groundwork for humans to transition the automobile sector away from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles and toward electric vehicles, which are a more realistic alternative for a clean and healthy living environment. Car manufacturers are experimenting with deep cycle lithium-ion battery technology, which results in greater range and longer battery life. To meet the dynamic power demand of modern vehicles, a 200ah Slim lithium battery is most suitable.

Deep Cycle and Starter Batteries

Aside from EV makers, deep cycle batteries have become an essential component of residential and commercial solar power systems. The most prevalent battery type for families seeking reliable power backup is the 200ah deep cycle battery. A deep cycle battery’s main purpose is to deliver continual deep discharges for electrical equipment. The battery cells or plates are substantially thicker and suited for consumer electronics, watercraft, RVs, golf carts, and enterprises.

Starter batteries, also known as SLI (Start, Light, and Ignite) batteries, on the other hand, are ideally suited for vehicles and generators. The starting battery packs provide maximal power bursts for a short period of time, generally up to 5 seconds. Cold Cranking Amps, or CCA, are used to grade starter cells. The ability of a starting battery to deliver several amps at zero degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining a minimum voltage of 1.2 volts is referred to as the CCA. The battery cells, plates, or thin layers are packed together closely in order to produce a fast zap of energy.

200ah Lithium Battery Backup Time

The backup time of a 200ah lithium battery depends on various other factors. The first is the connected load to the battery pack and voltage level as well. For example, if you have an aggregate load of 500 watts for all devices, a 12v LiFePo4 Slimline lithium battery needs to discharge 41.67 amps to a power 500-watt load. Theoretically, the 200ah FLP battery will provide 4 hours and forty-seven minutes upon full discharge. However, the lithium battery can be discharged b 90% of its rated capacity. For comparison, a lead-acid battery can be discharged by half of its capacity. So, a 200ah lithium battery can be discharged to 180 amperes, while a lead-acid battery of the same capacity can only provide 100 amps.

Types of Deep Cycle Battery

There are several deep cycle batteries available market with different chemistries and functionalities, which are as under:

Lead-acid Deep Cycle Battery

The first battery type we have is lead-acid, introduced in 1859 by a French researcher. The good news is that lead-acid batteries are readily recycled, but the bad news is that they have the lowest energy density of any battery type, making them outdated chemistry. A lead-acid battery has an average energy density of 30 to 50 watt-hours per kilogramme of weight. The following are the properties of acid battery cells:

  • Larger in size due to lower energy density
  • Deep cycle batteries can deliver continuous current.
  • Electrolyte levels must be checked on a regular basis and replaced.
  • All battery chemistries have fewer lifecycles.
  • Subject to a self-discharge ratio of up to 20% of total capacity – A safe discharge limit of half the rated capacity is possible.

AGM Deep Cycle Battery

The AGM deep cycle battery is a form of rechargeable battery in which the electrolytes are contained behind a glass mat rather than moving freely in the acid. The thin layers of glass fibers ensure that an adequate number of electrolytes remain with cells throughout their lifetime. When it comes to the self-discharge ratio, AGM battery cells outperform lead-acid batteries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Deep Cycle Battery

LFP cells are in high demand despite their high initial purchase cost since they are the most sophisticated battery type with the highest level of energy density. However, the lower cost of ownership and ten times the longevity of a lead-acid battery modify the picture. Because of economies of scale, the price of a 12v 200ah lithium battery has reduced dramatically. Overall, lithium-ion batteries have a global market share of around 38%. A LiFePo4 battery’s main characteristics are as follows:

  • Lightweight battery packs due to great energy density – No maintenance is necessary because it is a dry battery
  • Physically smaller and ideal for tight and cramped places – It can discharge heavy-duty appliances at a faster rate
  • 10X the longevity of a lead-acid cell

Deep Cycle Systems

Deep Cycle Systems is known for making heavy-duty deep cycle lithium batteries with improved life cycles and compact design and are best equally for home, work or for industrial sites.

Deep Cycle Systems is a high-end battery company with over a decade of experience with lithium iron phosphate batteries. We are well-known for our research and cutting-edge technology in LFP batteries, which set them apart from the competition. Our lithium batteries stand out for the following reasons:

Battery Management Systems

We spent money and time developing a new BMS that protects the battery’s health. The BMS displays the battery state of charge as a percentage, and you may access a variety of DCS lithium iron phosphate batteries according to their voltage levels, such as segregation for 12v, 24v, and 48v batteries. The basic function of a BMS is to safeguard the battery from voltage abuse and to disconnect the battery if voltages fall below or rise over a certain threshold.

In-Built Bluetooth and WiFi

We understand how important virtual and remote access to battery packs is in today’s world. You may remotely monitor and control specific settings using our programme.

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