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    Replacing solar energy with coal or diesel-based electricity is the slogan that is taking attention around the globe. The latest trends show the growing interest of Australian homeowners in rooftop photovoltaic panels. A solar power inverter is a key component of a solar system that mainly converts direct current into the alternate current to make the solar energy useable for electric appliances. Solar Inverters by Deep Cycle Systems are equipped with modern features that make them stand out from the crowd due to their increased functionalities.

    Components of Solar System:

    A solar system is a set of various main and supporting parts to capture, store and distribute electricity to our home electric appliances. The main components are:

    Solar Panels:

    Solar Panels by Deep Cycle Systems are high efficient arrays that come with a lifespan of two decades. Monocrystalline is known for its enhanced efficiency than its counterparts as it can produce more power than Polycrystalline. A Monocrystalline means you require fewer panels and less connectivity hardware and cablings to tie the solar arrays with a solar system. These panels produce direct current electricity, which you can use after converting to an alternate current using a solar inverter.

    Solar Inverter:

    Though the basic task of a Solar Power Inverter is to convert DC electricity into AC, inverters by Deep Cycle Systems are intelligent ones. They are designed with some built-in features that increase their usability and functionalities. Our inverters are like beautiful compact boxes nestled with a number of attractive features. Our Solar Inverters have a built-in MPPT solar charge controller, so you need not hunt for the compatible battery charger. The MPPT charger ensures to draw the maximum available solar energy throughout the day. It increases the overall system efficiency, whereas a PWM (pulse width modulation) charger lacks this feature and struggles to generate the required amount of energy, especially during winter or cloudy season.

    Here are some of the key features that our power inverters offer:

    • Overcharge protection
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Under-voltage protection
    • Virtual access and control ability
    • Minimum wiring and ease of installation
    • Pure sine waveform

    Solar Battery Bank:

    We recommend using a deep cycle solar battery bank for the best user experience as our lithium-ion battery collections are robust ones with five years of warranty. Our solar batteries are known for deep discharge of up to 90%, while you can charge them back fully within 3 hours. Lithium batteries are graded high than the traditional lead-acid battery packs due to a number of edges.

    LiFePo4 batteries have a low memory effect of under 3% and under 5% self-discharge rate during a period of 30 days, whereas the figures for an acid-flooded battery are three to five times higher. Further, the lithium batteries are lightweight due to their high energy density, which means that one kg of a lithium-ion battery can hold the same current as a six kg lead-acid battery can hold. So you can easily move your battery bank without any hassle.

    Deep Cycle Systems is an Australian company that has won the confidence of people due to the premium services provided. We know how to meet and exceed what is expected and improve customer experience, which deteriorated by using substandard products. We provide high-quality and reliable solar inverters at an affordable price.

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