Toyota MK3 Mini blade 7.5A

(Electronic fuse version) (Micro blade compatible)

The Toyota MK3 microblade version of the Alternator Voltage booster from all other diode booster units in that it is the only device of its type available that incorporates an auto resetting PTC fuse.

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The PTC device (electronic fuse) incorporated in the Toyota MK3 offers far better circuit protection than both the OEM fuse it replaces and all other types of voltage boosters. Should an electrical fault develop in the vehicles wiring other types of booster diodes will be destroyed and need to be replaced, this is not the case with the Toyota MK3 unit, in the event of an electrical fault occurring, the PTC device in the Toyota MK3 detects the excessive current flow and turns off preventing damage to the booster unit, the vehicles wiring, and alternator. Once the electrical fault has been removed the PTC device automatically resets and the booster unit will resume normal operation.

The Toyota MK3 Alternator Voltage Booster is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia using only the highest quality locally sourced components and comes with a 3 year warranty covering both parts and workmanship. Here’s your chance to support a great Aussie made product!

Replaces the factory ‘ALT-S’ 7.5A Fuse

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