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Sungrow SH5K-30 – 5000W Hybrid Inverter

Grab the DCS 48V 15kwh battery pack and this inverter for a small quality and cost effective off grid system

Hybrid inverter for grid-interactive solar systems with integrated home battery, also known as Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

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Enerdrive 12V 2600W ePOWER Inverter with RCD & AC Transfer Switch

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Enerdrive 12V 2000W ePOWER Inverter with RCD & AC Transfer Switch

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Redarc BCDC1250D

The REDARC BCDC1250D is a 12V 50A In-vehicle DC to DC battery charger. It features REDARC’s award-winning In-vehicle charging technology, and can charge from Solar and DC inputs simultaneously.

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Engineered from the ground up, the Orion XS redefines DC-DC battery to battery charging. For perfect use in dual battery systems charged with an (intelligent) alternator.

  • 123mm Wide x 137mm Height x 40mm Deep
  • Fully configurable
  • Efficient cooling
  • Engine running detection
  • Works with Victron Connect
  • Intelligent charge algorithms
  • Remote monitoring optional

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48V 25Amp AC to DC LFP (LiFePO4) battery charger.

The DCS-LFP-4825 is a fully automatic AC mains to DC 48V LiFePO4 charger.  This is a marine spec charger, suitable for boats, caravans or ideal as an off grid backup charger.  It has been specifically developed for the high performance DCS PV series range of batteries.

  • Maximum power of 25Amps at 51.2V (1.5kW continuous)
  • Constant voltage charge at 58.4V (16S, 3.2V nominal cells)
  • Auto Resume Voltage at 52.8V
  • LCD Display for charging current, target voltage, and duration

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Enerdrive DC2DC 40A+

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12V 40A DC to DC Battery charger.

The EN3DC40+ is a programmable DC to DC charger featuring separate inputs for engine and solar charging. The solar input is regulated with an MPPT algorithm with a maximum OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) rating of 45V. The charger output is 40A up to 40°C but can be decreased for smaller Ah batteries.

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DCS 12V 60Amp AC to DC LFP (LiFePO4) Battery Charger.

The DCS-LFP-1260 is a fully automatic AC mains to DC 12V LiFePO4 charger. Suitable for boats, RV’s, caravans and portable applications. These has been specifically developed for the high performance DCS 12V range of batteries. And powering off generators, with a soft start feature to ramp the generator up slowly.

  • AC input voltage range is very wide between 200VAC to 260 VAC
  • Fan cooled designed for 100% duty cycling
  • Dimension 290 x 150 x 90mm
  • 4KGs weight
  • 2 Year Replacement warranty
  • LCD Display with total Ah charged, voltage, charing duration & current

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hybrid solar pv system

Trina 415W Solar Panel

Small in Size, Bigger on Power

  • Up to 425W, 21.9% module efficiency with high density interconnect technology
  • Multi-busbar technology for better light trapping, lower series resistance, improved current collection and enhanced reliability
  • Reduce installation cost with higher power bin and efficiency
  • Boost performance in warm weather with low temperature coefficient and operating temperature

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48V 10Amp AC to DC LFP (LiFePO4) Battery Charger

The DCS-LFP-1025 is a fully automatic AC mains to DC 48V LiFePO4 charger. This is a IP-65 spec charger, suitable for boats, caravans or ideal as an off grid backup charger. It has been specifically developed to be used as an onboard charger for golf carts.

10Amps at 51.2V (600W continuous)

  • User selectable constant voltage charge at 58.4V OR 55.0V (16S, 3.2V nominal cells)
  • Auto Resume Voltage at 52.5V (storage mode)

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DCS 200AH Lithium Slim Line Battery Tray

DCS 200AH Lithium Slimline Battery Tray Includes: 2mm lazer cut stainless steel construction. Screw in or bolt in fixture using 8 x pre-drilled fixing points.

Overall external footprint of the trays is 520 x 160 x 350mm

Australian designed and made here in Brisbane.

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Argo FET Battery Isolators

Similarly to diode battery isolators, FET isolators allow simultaneous charging of two or more batteries from one alternator (or a single output battery charger), without connecting the batteries together. Discharging the accessory battery for example will not result in also discharging the starter battery.

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LC 200 Brackets

These laser cut stainless steel brackets are designed for use only with the DCS 12V 130Ah hybrid batteries when installed inside the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series.

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Unilug Two Up Positive & Negative Terminals

  • Heavy Duty Forged Brass Battery Lugs
  • Anit-Rotating Terminal Clamp
  • Moulded Nylon Battery Lug Cover
  • Internally Threaded Adaptor Post
  • Universal Flanged Hexagonal Bolts
  • 1 x Positive & 1 x Negative

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Toyota MK3 Mini blade 7.5A

(Electronic fuse version) (Micro blade compatible)

The Toyota MK3 microblade version of the Alternator Voltage booster from all other diode booster units in that it is the only device of its type available that incorporates an auto resetting PTC fuse.

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200A Insulated Busbars for DCS 200Ah Slim Lines

When stacking the DCS 200Ah batteries side by side these bus-bars provide a simple and perfect parallel solution.

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Rechargeable batteries are a crucial component of automobiles and for power backup option to operate consumer electronics. Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to entertain heavy loads like power tools, home appliances, boats, campervans, and industrial tools. These batteries play a crucial role in providing power backup support in case of local grid failure, while their integration with renewable energy systems increases system efficiency. The growing use of solar energy in Australia shows the tendency of independence from coal-based grid electricity. These solar systems include a deep cycle battery charger system to make up the compact design and reduce the external components. Deep Cycle Batteries are famous for providing a steady voltage rate regularly. The controlled flow of power confirms batteries can remain active with a much longer lifespan.

deep cycle battery charger systemSOLAR TECHNOLOGY IN AUSTRALIA

Rooftop solar systems have become a symbol of sustainable electricity in Australia. The widespread of technology in domestic and commercial entities shows the significance. The country had already gained the number one status in terms of highest per-capita solar energy with 637 watts per individual in 2019. This is all because of promotion and awareness campaigns by the government countrywide. The Solar system has the following components:


Solar Panels are photovoltaic plates made of silicon to catch the sun rays during the daytime. These plates produce direct current electricity, which then is supplied to the electric system for use. There are two main types of solar panels, monocrystalline and polycrystalline.


The monocrystalline solar plates are consistent dark blue in colour and are cut into wafers from a conical silicon ingot developed in labs by melting silicon rocks. The silicon rocks required a high temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit for melting. After melting silicon rocks, a seed crystal is placed into the melted slush and slowly pulled up while rotating. Because of the diamond shape of monocrystalline cells, a lot of material is wasted during the cutting process.


Poly Crystalline solar plates require about 1300 pounds of silicon rocks to make a three by 3 feet solar panel. The loaded plate is then placed into a burning furnace of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The mixture will burn and melt for the next twenty hours and took another three days to cool down to get a mottled blue look, like a piece of particleboard. It looks like it is made up of multiple pieces of silicon pressed together.


The earlier inverters were tasked with a primary function to convert the direct current generated by solar plates into alternate current. Modern inverters are intelligent devices that can perform various tasks simultaneously. Modern inverters by Deep Cycle Systems are feature-rich compact boxes, increase the functionalities, and decrease the wired network to make the entire system easy to understand. Ensure you have a pure sine wave inverter only for smooth functioning of electric appliances, as the modified sine wave inverter decreases the lifespan of sensitive electronics.

deep cycle battery charger systemSOLAR BATTERY CHARGERS

The modern deep cycle battery charger system enhances the functionality with limited hardware to summarize the solar system. Our battery chargers are intelligent devices that directed controlled charging to avoid under-voltage and over-voltage. Our battery chargers are sophisticated that features adaptive charging and a high speed alternate current transfer switch.


Whether you have a battery installed with your inverter, bike, car, or truck, it needs charging in order to provide you with the required power energy. When you use the battery with an inverter, it gets power from the connected inverter, and there is no need for a specific charger. However, if you have a battery for some specific purpose, you need a charger for that. If you have a lithium battery with you that needs charging, do not fret! Deep Cycle Systems has got you covered with a reliable and premium lithium battery charger. We provide these chargers at an affordable price, so you do not have to worry about your budget either.

The chargers available in the market generate a lot of heat. Compared to those chargers, our premium quality battery chargers are known for their low level of heat that helps enhance your battery’s life. Moreover, after charging the battery, it consumes very little power that is a plus point, and enhances the battery life even longer.


It comes with intelligent battery management, and as soon as the battery is connected to the battery charger, it deducts the voltage and can even charge the fully discharged batteries, which is impossible for many battery chargers to bring back the battery to life. Lithium batteries are an expensive investment and need proper care to avoid any glitch in performance. Deep Cycle Systems offers a number of high-precision BMS with different features to cater to different needs, i.e., 12v, 24v, and 48v battery banks.

The nominal voltage of a cell in a lithium battery is 3.2v, whereas a cell in a lead-acid battery is 2v. So a lithium battery with four cells has 12.8 voltage paired in series, while eight cells combined give 25.6v instead of 24v. The BMS ensures that the LFP cell won’t fall behind the 2.5v limit and no more than 4.2v to avoid damage to the cell. Further, the battery life will also be reduced if it gets overcharged or in the case of continuous deep discharge without charging. The BMS also looks for individual cells that aren’t auto-balance at the end of the charge cycle, auto balance them, and avoid them from under or overcharging.

Our all-in-one BMS works as a battery combiner, protector, and limit the current. It monitors the voltage level and protects battery cells by disconnecting the connected DC loads, charge source, and alternator when it senses low or high voltage. The temperature sensor in BMS will also protect in case of high temperature.

lithium battery chargerBEST BATTERY CHARGER

Deep Cycle Systems believe in providing state-of-the-art energy solutions. Our products are feature-rich and are compact designs to minimize the hassle for even a person with minimum technical knowledge. Our lithium battery chargers are meant for improving battery performance and increase lifecycles. 


This smart charger has an IP67 rating that means you can install it in open areas that are prone to outside weather or where rain is expected. The waterproof battery charger is best for workshops, motor vehicles, boats, and campervans. Blue Smart IP67 is ideal for dead batteries after deep discharge by feeding low current doses to create minimum voltage around terminals. The built-in Bluetooth provides virtual access to the battery and charger using your smartphone. It uses the best charging algorithm comprised of seven steps for better battery health and enhanced life.


Do you have an electric vehicle? Protecting your vehicle’s battery is one of the most important tasks if you want it to run for a long time. To protect your battery from any damage caused by overheating or overcharge, Deep Cycle Systems is one of the most trusted companies in Australia. We offer a high-quality and reliable lithium DC2DC charger. Now you do not have to worry about your battery getting damaged.

DCDC Battery Chargers are rapid and unexpected to energise the batteries for everyday employments. These charges are appropriate for the batteries of substantial vehicles and convenient batteries also. Aside from charging the batteries, these chargers are additionally accomplish crafted by the upkeep of the batteries. These are known for their 100% quality work and the manner in which the capacity to charge and keep up with the batteries.


The Deep Cycle Battery’s DC2DC+ Battery Charger is a fully automatic, set and forget charger. It is designed to quickly and accurately recharge your deep cycle batteries utilising charger algorithms that help to maximise the life of your specialised deep cycle batteries.

The DC to DC Battery Charger features multistage innovative charging technology that enables the charger to be connected to your battery bank permanently. With the input of multiple sources, you can be assured of charging your batteries whenever underway; or when the sun is shining on your solar array.

The battery manufacturer’s recommendations dictate that deep cycle batteries require a multistage charge sequence for perfect, fast and accurate charging. The Cycle Battery’s DC2DC+ smart charger delivers three primary charge stages.



Designed for use with today’s progressed lithium battery innovation.


Fixed to IP67, the IDC is residue, sprinkle and shock confirmation and can securely work in outrageous temperatures up to 80°C


Designed to work with both keen and traditional alternators


Synchronous double battery charging from both sun oriented and alternator inputs


Over temperature, switch association, over/under and flash free insurance.


It is effortless to charge the vehicles and compact batteries. For example, you need to set your vehicle’s battery, and you are ignorant of how to change that. Thus, above all else, but the charger on your car’s dashboard and afterwards essentially plug it into the DC connector of your vehicle. After this, the charger will change over the sun’s beams into the DC and store it in the battery that further charges the vehicles.


The DC-DC charger provided by Deep Cycle Systems can either be used as a power supply or battery charger. It comes with a built-in engine shutdown detection, and you can set it up to provide power only when the engine is running. This feature prevents the on-board voltage of the vehicle from becoming low.

When charging the battery, it uses a three-stage process. When the battery is discharged in the first stage, it uses bulk authorising to deliver maximum current that helps charge the battery faster. Once the second stage is reached, absorption switches to constant voltage mode until it gets fully charged. After the battery is fully charged, it changes to float voltage to keep it fully charged. Thus, protect your battery by purchasing a lithium DCDC charger from Deep Cycle Systems.

The DCDC Battery charger claims the underlying boundary diode that keeps the batteries from the turnaround release. As it works naturally, so you don’t have to stress over the support of the batteries. Lithium DC DC charger won’t harm the batteries and cheat. To affirm the well-being and upkeep of the batteries, the organisation gives a guarantee to its customers. These chargers charge the battery smoothly so that you won’t ever see any issue while charging your batteries. All the above highlights separate Waterproof Solar Chargers from different chargers on the lookout.


To ensure that you are able to use your electronics, it is necessary to charge the batteries. You can simply plug them into an electrical outlet or even use your car's cigarette lighter. That said, if you want a more efficient way to charge your batteries, then consider using our solar lithium batteries charger instead! This product is designed for monocrystalline solar panels, which can convert sunlight into electricity quickly. We have Solar Lithium Batteries Charger in various capacities, including voltage level and wattage. Buy a 12v 60amp Solar Lithium Batteries Charger today!


Solar lithium batteries charger is a universal portable solar panel charger designed for efficient charging. Our solar lithium batteries charger is best for monocrystalline solar panels, which can convert sunlight into electricity quickly. We have solar lithium battery chargers in various capacities, including voltage level and wattage.

Our Solar Lithium Batteries Charger uses the latest technology that allows you to charge all kinds of devices from your laptop to your smartphone, tablet or camera anywhere there's the sun!

Our Solar Lithium Batteries Charger is best for monocrystalline solar panels, which can convert sunlight into electricity quickly. Monocrystalline solar panels are more efficient than polycrystalline ones, as they have a higher purity of silicon, and the cells are made up of fewer impurities. The efficiency rating can vary between 15% and 18%, whereas polycrystalline panels only reach around 10%. They also tend to be more expensive than polycrystalline or other types of solar cells because it's difficult to produce them in large quantities (amongst other reasons).


Thus order our reliable battery charger systems now. If you have any queries or want to know more about our products, you can give us a call at, Tel: 1300-795-327. You can also send your queries via email at info@deepcyclesystems.com.au. We will get to you as soon as possible to provide you with all the information you need.