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4WD Canopy Bundle


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12V 200AH Lithium Ion Battery

DCS Batteries are the ideal drop in replacement & upgrade from AGM, Gel or other lead acid batteries for any application. DCS gives you the ability to upgrade your current batteries to lithium ion technology that can deliver a minimum of 2500 cycles and has tremendous advantages in weight, performance, reliability and service life compared to that of traditional lead acid batteries.

Victron Phoenix Smart 12/2000W inverter

Phoenix inverter smart is reliable and will last for years to come. Whether it is high temperature or overload, these inverters can withstand any thing as they are protected against overheating and short circuit. Hence, you can rest assured that they will last for years to come. A unique feature of Phoenix Inverter Smart is its extra start-up power. Whether you have to power up difficult loads such as computers or low power electric tools, Phoenix inverter can help you with that with no hassle and fuss. Whereas conventional high frequency technology does not offer such extreme performance.

Victron IP-67 25A mains charger

Several hours of absorption charge are needed to fully charge the battery and prevent early failure to sulfation. The relatively high voltage during absorption does however accelerate aging due to grid corrosion on the positive plates. Adaptive Battery Management limits corrosion by reducing absorption time when possible, that is: when charging a battery that is already (nearly) fully charged.

Enerdrive DC2DC charger

The EN3DC40+ is a programmable DC to DC charger featuring separate inputs for engine and solar charging. The solar input is regulated with an MPPT algorithm with a maximum OCV (Open Circuit Voltage) rating of 45V. The charger output is 40A up to 40°C but can be decreased for smaller Ah batteries. While the engine is running the charger will use the engine input, otherwise the solar input will be used for charging. Engine charging is autosensed from the start battery voltage, but an ignition signal can be used instead.

Victron Smart Battery Protect

Protects the battery against excessive discharge, Can be used as a system on and off switch, Built-in Bluetooth, Programming made easy, A special setting for Li-ion batteries, Ultra-low current consumption, Over voltage protection, Ignition proof, Delayed alarm output, The Smart Battery Protect is not designed for reverse currents from charging sources.

Victron 115W Mono solar panel

  • Low voltage-temperature coefficient enhances high-temperature operation.
  • Exceptional low-light performance and high sensitivity to light across the entire solar spectrum.
  • 25-Year limited warranty on power output and performance.
  • 5-Year limited warranty on materials and workmanship.
  • Sealed, waterproof, multi-functional junction box gives high level of safety.
  • High performance bypass diodes minimize the power drop caused by shade.


DCS Bluetooth Technology powered by DCS LFP, this APP is only for DCS LFP batteries which is based on BLE 4.0 technology.

This App provides comprehensive monitoring for DCS LFP batteries, including:

  • SOC%
  • Battery pack voltage
  • Amp meter – charge and discharge current
  • Battery Management MOSFET temperature
  • Individual Cell Status with balancing indicators.
  • Connectivity distance up to 10 meters.