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    Are you looking for top quality and solid batteries at wholesale price? Do you wish to get batteries that can beat other batteries in performance and help you gain high profit through resale? If so, we are here to help. Deep Cycle Systems is Australia’s driving wholesale batteries supplier. We have been delivering our customers top quality batteries for quite a while. We have gained our customers’ trust and satisfaction by providing top class and strong lithium iron phosphate batteries. Different brands sell their batteries using fake advertisements, yet we deliver the same products that we advertise.

    li ion wholesaleOUR IDEOLOGY

    Deep Cycle Systems achieved landmark status in providing solar energy solutions to Australians for years. We understand the urgency to support renewable energy sources and thus promote quality solar solutions tailored to the needs of individuals, families, commercial businesses, farms, and industrial setups. We provide reliable and performance-oriented solar products that cater to the needs of Australian clients. We master the skills of manufacturing storage batteries as the present and future of battery cells demand robustness.

    We aim to provide our customers with the best quality, solid, and safe batteries. We do our best never to let our customers down. We feel satisfaction in delivering the best products to our clients and helping them gain extensive profits. Considering working for quite a while, we have obtained an in-depth understanding of our customer’s requirements and provide them with the products per their need. Our experience and positive response from our clients have made us Australia’s driving battery makers. Check out our wide range of li ion wholesale batteries and get the batteries that suit your needs the best.

    buy batteries wholesaleWhy Choose Lithium-iron phosphate batteries?

    Power Needs

    The modern lifestyle depends on powering state-of-the-art and purpose-built appliances, tools, machinery and gadgets. These appliances are power hungry and will be static in case of any power failure from the grid. Having a reliable power storage battery becomes paramount rather than struggling during grid failure. You may be a homeowner with electric needs for your family members, i.e. lighting, electric fan, laptop, personal computer or any other tech device. The owner of a workshop, especially the moveable mobile workshop, requires power backup for routine operations. Travellers with their RVs, campervans and even solo travellers on a bike also need a power backup source for charging their recreational gadgets and light during evening and nighttime. Consumers worldwide buy batteries wholesale to get a reliable energy source to power their devices.

    Renewable Energy

    The need for switching to renewable energy is crucial and immediate to curb the danger of climate change that is a threat to most coastal areas, with a fifteen per cent human population at risk. The development and industrial work all require power and energy. Fossil fuel for electricity and energy is a major cause of carbon footprints. The good thing is that planet earth has more than enough renewable energy sources, including solar energy and wind turbines, on top to meet the electrical needs and exceed.

    The rooftop solar photovoltaic panels are the most in-demand technology due to their adaptability. Europe Union is on second the list with 152GW solar energy production in the 2020 year. China is global leader in terms of installed solar capacity with 254GW by 2020. The top European countries for solar production include Germany, Italy, United Kingdon, Spain and France. The homeowners of these countries are investing in li ion solar batteries to become self-independent and to enjoy the free clean solar energy.


    The lithium battery has become the leading market demand due to its efficiency and more features with high performance to serve you for years. Lithium is the present, and lithium storage battery sets are the future of the energy sector that is revolutionising electricity storage facilities. Due to its number of features, it has become an iconic symbol.

    Li Ion Battery Technology

    The invention of power storage battery opens the ways for researchers to turn the static devices, appliances and various gadgets into portable appliances which can be powered using stored electricity in battery cells. The earliest energy storage device was bulky and various others flaws were hurdle for its wide adoptability. However, the modern li ion energy storage battery technology is made for perfection to resolve all the issues that were part of old technology, i.e. lead-acid battery which were invented about one and a half century ago. Lithium iron phosphate battery is the latest entry with modern features to meet the needs of present-day lifestyle. Furthermore, a li ion battery wholesale is the best way to get a reliable power source at cheap rates.

    How Does a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Work?

    The lithium iron phosphate battery utilizes lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. Also, a graphitic carbon terminal limit as the anode is used in these batteries. These batteries take after lithium-ion batteries, so lithium iron phosphate uses iron, dismissing anode. Due to no maintenance, no environmental hazard, superb execution, long life and excellent quality, and so forth, LiFePO4 is discovering various conditions in-vehicle use, utility-scale fixed applications, and backing power. Besides, Lithium iron phosphate batteries are cobalt-free.

    Features of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

    The lithium iron phosphate battery was manufactured in 1996 and has since become the choice for every battery user. These batteries provide heaps of benefits that are not found in other batteries. The lithium iron phosphate batteries were made to counter the problems found in the lead-acid batteries, such as high discharge rate, hefty weight, problems in moving the batteries, battery gas, environmental hazard and low power production.

    Battery manufacturers around the world are choosing lithium iron phosphate for applications where security is a factor. Lithium iron phosphate has excellent warm and compound strength. This battery stays cool in higher temperatures. It is also incombustible when misused during fast charges and releases or when there are short out issues. Lithium iron phosphate doesn’t typically encounter warmth out of control, as the phosphate cathode won’t consume or get destroyed during overheating as the battery stays cool.

    These batteries are recharged with charge controls that regulate battery performance and help it charge faster. Using a lead-acid battery can be incredibly difficult and dangerous; therefore, lithium iron phosphate batteries are a good choice. The following are some reasons why users buy li ion battery wholesale over any other batteries:

    Chemical Stability

    The high chemical stability of lithium iron phosphate batteries makes them an ideal choice for homeowners and businessmen who want to add a long-term energy storage system to their new or existing solar PV setup. With a cathode based on heat-resistant phosphate and chemicals more than any other lithium battery, the lithium iron phosphate system is, to put it simply, the safest option out there. Lithium iron phosphate batteries with no abnormal metals or battery acid will remain stable at temperatures up to 158ºF (compared to 140ºF in standard lithium-ion batteries), with no explosion or fire hazards even when punctured or damaged.

    Easily Storable

    Lithium iron phosphate battery works best in all storage categories and, with a shorter weight and size that provides four times the charging capacity of lead-acid counterparts. A small discharge also means that a lithium iron phosphate battery can hold its charging for up to a year if not used. When used, the low internal resistance of LiFePO4 will give you a faster rate of charging and recharging and the ability to handle high output currents while maintaining a constant voltage (frequency 3. 3.2V). This allows the system to bring full power till the end. Deep Cycle Systems offers compact batteries on the best car battery wholesale price, so you can have long and stress free journeys without stressing over the condition of the battery.

    High Energy Creation

    Lithium batteries offer the fundamental energy creation in the battery market (100-265 Wh/kg). This makes charging a lithium battery simpler, quicker and trustworthy.

    No Maintenance

    Lithium iron phosphate batteries are not hard to use and require no maintenance. Lithium batteries, besides, have no memory loss. The low maintenance required to translate into less resting time and higher production extends the life cycle of lithium iron phosphate batteries — usually up to a charging cycle of up to 2,000 or up to ten years (compared to four years of lithium-ion) and one year of earning – acid). The maximum output power is almost 100% (compared to 80% lead-acid batteries) and means longer and fewer charging cycles, which adds to the overall life of the lithium iron phosphate system.

    Better Execution and Future

    Lithium batteries are high-performing and ideal for high-power applications. They give more current contrasted with batteries with nickel-based science. They can present to 3.6 Volts, which is higher than lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries gain an advantage because of their low self-discharge rate (around 1.5-2%).


    Lithium batteries cause no damage to the climate. They can power or store energy for adaptable electronic devices, electronic vehicles, aircraft and other high-power applications. Deep Cycle Systems offers wholesale batteries for resale without compromising on the battery quality.

    High Charging and Discharging

    Lifepo4 battery has a high charge and discharge rate, and their products can reach over 90% under the condition of discharge, while the lead-acid battery gives around 80%.

    Lifepo4 Battery High-Security Execution

    The cells in lithium iron phosphate are protected and difficult to harm. Whether the environment is extremely hot or cold, these batteries won’t be harmed in any way.

    Lifepo4 Battery Long Life Cycle

    Lifepo4 battery utilizes lithium iron phosphate as a positive anode material. The lead-acid battery has a minor life cycle and all-around drains on numerous occasions. This battery has more life cycles and the standard charge (5-hour rate).

    Stunning Temperature Resistance

    The temperature of lithium iron phosphate can reach 350 ° C to 500 ° C. With a wide working temperature range (- 20C to+75C) and high-temperature block, and lithium iron phosphate batteries can, indeed, work in a climate where temperature can reach 350 °C-500 °C.

    Lifepo4 Battery Gives High Productivity

    These batteries are smaller in size than harmful lead batteries yet are higher energy productive than lead batteries.

    No Memory Impact

    Lifepo4 battery doesn’t have any memory impact paying little mind to the battery’s condition is. It will broadly be used with the charge, with no genuine motivation to deliver and charge over and again.

    Lifepo4 batteries are Eco Friendly

    Lifepo4 batteries are non-destructive, non-corrupting, give unbelievable security execution, a decreased size, no upkeep, and long life. It is an ideal cathode material, and being water safe will not provide any harm or battery fumes like lead-acid batteries. These batteries can be also used as wholesale batteries for resale.

    Lithium Batteries and Their Future in Submarines

    Although the lead acid batteries have been used in various equipment for many years, many electronic product manufacturers are moving toward the newer technology, which is the lithium battery technology. With their use in various departments such as in cars, home appliances, aircrafts, bikes, boats and in daily gadgets, these batteries have earned a name for themselves for being the most reliable and high-quality batteries. Korean Marine Forces have announced to implement lithium batteries in submarines by the year 2026. This means that many submarine battery manufacturers would also have to shift on a newer, better and much reliable technology. With all these facts, it is safe to say that the future of lithium batteries it pretty bright. Users buy batteries wholesale because they know what are lithium iron phosphate batteries capable of.

    Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery in Trucks

    If you drive a truck, semi or transport professionally, the last thing you need to stress over is being stuck on the thruway without power. Luckily, this battery has the energy to keep you going with batteries that last 100% longer per cycle than practically identical lead corrosive batteries, giving you additional time off the network. Lithium Iron Phosphate battery additionally takes into consideration longer journeys without losing the power.

    With the capacity to hold a charge for longer than a year, these batteries will be all set when you are. Not any more dead batteries after your vehicle have been very still for quite a long time. If you’re burnt out on hauling out old batteries that continue to fizzle, Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries proceed for 3000 to 5000 cycles. That is ten times more than your standard lead acid battery.

    Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery and Golf Carts

    The use of golf carts in the modern way of living involves assisting visitors in travelling for short distances and to transport tourists for better viewpoint. On the other hand, golf carts are used by farmers to explore their farmlands, recreation facilities, tennis courts, food truck conversation, safari trips, deployment by shopping malls and manufacturing sites for pickup and drop off services for their customers. These are like open minibuses that lithium iron phosphate batteries power to carry a specific load. Initially, lead-acid batteries were the common and only option for golf carts; however, the invention of lithium-ion batteries improved the user experience by manifolds.

    The use of golf carts has become dynamic as people love to use them for various reasons. The basic use of a golf car is to carry golfers around the golf ground to eliminate the walking distance and make golfers energetic. Here the role of maintenance-free power batteries is really important, especially if you have the one at your farm. Modern batteries didn’t require filling vents with sulfuric acid or distilled water to maintain the electrolytes within the battery. Though lead-acid battery seems to be attractive because of the cheap price tag, however, the suboptimal performance, regular maintenance and short lifespan mean you will not only lose your money but also invest your time. Deep Cycle Systems is a leading manufacturer and specialist of lithium golf cart batteries with a specialization in lithium-ion battery packs that come with built-in BMS.

    Starter Battery or a Deep Cycle Battery?

    You may think of what type of battery you need to power your golf carts? There are mainly two types of batteries, i.e. starter battery and deep cycle battery. Golfers need a deep cycle battery or a dual-purpose battery that can provide services of SLI operations and for deep discharge. A starter battery is designed to kick start the engine by feeding the cranking amps to the engine, whereas a deep cycle battery is meant to provide deep discharge for a longer time. You should deploy the batteries of Deep Cycle Systems, one of the most trusted wholesale car battery suppliers to ensure you have optimal backup power that supports the smooth functioning without any power lag. Whether you have a small cart or a big golf cart that can carry a dozen of people, you need to ensure you have calculated the required amps consumption to figureout right size of battery power.

    Why Choose Lithium Batteries for Solar Panels?

    Lithium batteries are the best solar system for private and commercial use as they use less space while working with higher energy levels. Similarly, their high energy density means you can use a lot of power. These batteries were made in the ’90s and have since transformed the battery market with their unlimited benefits. These batteries are designed to counter the various problems in destructive lead batteries, such as biological hazards, heavyweight, battery gas, battery spills, low power production and active maintenance.

    Their high performance will help you use more energy for your solar panels, giving you a higher value for your money. Two important types of natural energies are solar energy and wind energy – are seen as temporary sources, as the sun does not shine daily, and the wind doesn’t blow constantly. Lithium batteries on solar panels make it possible to control homes with constant energy throughout the day.


    Occupation in everyday gadgets: These batteries are ideal for our daily routine devices. They are used in various products, for example, cells, tablets, laptops, and toys, giving long-term execution and persistent quality.

    Occupation in Power Supply: These batteries are seen as the best choice for power supply, considering their abilities, making them ideal for clients. These batteries give outstanding execution, give more power and are safer than lead batteries.

    Occupation in Vehicles: Lithium iron phosphate batteries give immense energy to electric vehicles and more oversized vehicles. Automobiles, for instance, electric cars, use the batteries of wholesale car battery suppliers for stable power yield. Vehicles such as RVs and campers use these batteries for undetermined and long safe journeys.

    Occupation in Marine Vehicles: Due to their properties for being water-resistant, these batteries are comprehensively used in marine vehicles like yachts and boats. They give excellent motor rotation and are an ideal decision for marine vehicles.

    Occupation in UPS: Lithium iron phosphate batteries offer assistance to UPS devices and work the best with them. They give longer energy life than standard lead batteries. Furthermore, being dry makes them safer to be used with a UPS. They provide a prospering and most energy yield to the UPS devices.

    Occupation in Solar Panels: These batteries are convenient charging and robust. It makes them an excellent component for solar panels. Lithium iron phosphate batteries give solar panels sharp charging limits, fostering their energy creation.


    We are known as the best providers of wholesale batteries for resale, considering the qualities found in our batteries. We guarantee that the components we offer in our batteries won’t be available in the batteries of any other battery producers:


    Our batteries have passed the MIL Vibration Quality Standards. These principles are utilized to rate the strength and sturdiness of the batteries. Our batteries have finished this assessment, demonstrating them to be best for harsh conditions. Our batteries are dustproof and water-safe. Any unwanted environmental particle would not enter the battery.

    wholesale rechargeable batteriesBATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

    All of our wholesale rechargeable batteries contain an integrated Battery Management System out of the box. Unlike brands that use fake advertisements for their BMS, our battery’s BMS will work as planned. It can provide the clients with crucial information concerning the battery life, voltage and other critical data. Our BMS goes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth availability, connecting the battery with the customer’s device to give all the battery-related information.


    Our batteries are worked with the best material to guarantee their life and execution. Our batteries are made with a Safe Fail plan that infers that they can stop working safely if something ends up wrong. We ensure that the quality of the battery that we give is better than some other battery provider. Moreover, being dry and lightweight infers sealed shut won’t achieve any regular risk.


    Our lithium batteries are made by sticking to the best progress rules and procedures. Different sorts of battery cells can hurt the batteries due to charging and depleting them over a period. Cell disbalance can cause cell decomposition, and as necessities are, cell balancing is crucial for battery safety and life. The cell changing methodology moves the high voltage of a single cell to one with low voltage.

    ABS Fire Safe Structure

    Our batteries are worked with an ABS Fire Safe Structure. This structure acts as a defense against flames and fires, thus protecting the battery from any risk.


    Our lithium battery cells are best because of their high energy density, making them lightweight and appropriate for any application and simple to move. The battery’s best property of high energy density is that lithium batteries can store more current with less weight.


    Our wholesale rechargeable batteries are lighter than the lead-destructive batteries yet give maintained execution over the lead-destructive batteries. Our batteries are dry, making them watertight and more secure than the lead batteries. Being dry moreover starts that the weight will be less. Our batteries are worked with the ideal mix of top-quality material and lightweight credits.


    Our batteries are astonishing for the utilization of Marines applications. Being water-resistant, dry, lightweight and compact makes them great for marine conditions and vehicles like boats.


    We offer top quality batteries on car battery wholesale price. Our batteries are unmatched for individual vehicles and enormous vehicles like RVs. During the starting up of the car, a massive proportion of battery energy is wasted while starting up the car. Our batteries can provide the same power, yet less danger of energy loss. Our batteries don’t require any maintenance, suggesting that individuals can have long and safe excursions without the reliable concern of checking the batteries.


    Our batteries utilize progressed lithium cell improvement, which is far superior to the cell advancement of some other battery makers. The lithium cell movement that we use has gained us the appreciation of being the best lithium iron phosphate battery makers.


    Our batteries can withstand severe temperature conditions. They can moreover withstand high temperatures correspondingly to low-temperature conditions well indeed.


    If you are looking for the best wholesale batteries, then your search ends here. Deep Cycle Systems, one of the leading companies in the market, offers liion wholesale batteries. Our batteries can help you get high profits on the resale. If you have any queries, you can get in touch with us by calling at Tel: 1300-795-327. You can also send your questions via email at info@deepcyclesystems.com.au.

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