If you had spent years building your dream boat with the dream of breaking free of the daily grind and sailing off into the deep blue, you wouldn’t be likely to jeopardise this by using inferior equipment, would you?

This was exactly what Ian did. A plumber by trade, Ian was fed up with all the red tape, beaurocracy and legislation changes and set about building a gorgeous custom made 38ft catamaran.

Noosa River, QLD

When Ian spoke to Paul from Deep Cycle Systems about upgrading his battery system, he was currently running 3 x 12V 260Ah AGM batteries, giving him a total capacity of 12V 780Ah.  Now while his AGM batteries had done a pretty good job, Ian was ready to upgrade to a newer, more efficient, lighter, smaller and ultimately cheaper system. If you already know a bit about the different battery cell technologies then you would already know that Ian’s current AGM battery system with a total rated capacity of 780Ah only actually had around 30% usable storage.  Usable storage being 30% of 780Ah = 234Ah. They also weighed in at around 240kg and took up 1m3 of space.  Now in a confined space such as a boat, every kg and cm counts. So how could DCS batteries help?

Existing 12V 260Ah AGM batteries 

To provide Ian with a comparable amount of usable storage, 3 x DCS 12V 100Ah batteries would be needed, thereby providing Ian with 12V 300Ah, with 96% being usable storage with the DCS batteries.  So 288Ah, weighing 42kgs and taking up around 0.45m3 of space. That’s a difference of 197kgs, and 0.55m3 of space!

3 x DCS 12V 100Ah batteries 

Here’s a brief rundown on some other advantages of using DCS Lithium Ion Batteries

  • lifespan capable of providing up to 5000 cycles
  • Internal BMS allows charging from existing chargers and controllers (wind, solar, AC mains)
  • Can discharge at a continuous 100Amps
  • Can be recharged at up to 100Amps continuous
  • Fully sealed design with marine grade stainless steel M8 terminals
  • Can be used for engine cranking
  • Using the safest Lithium Iron Phosphate cell chemistry
  • Parallel capabilities (expand up to 10 x 12V 100Ah batteries, for 1,000Ah of usable storage)

Because the DCS 12V batteries can be recharged with up to a 100Amp charging current, Ian also upgraded his existing 45Amp lead acid battery charger to an Enerdrive ePower 60Amp charger.  This ensures less fuel is wasted on board when the genset needs to be fired up, during days with little wind or solar power.

The news gets even better. The DCS 12V 100Ah batteries are currently on special for $1199 Incl. GST and free delivery Australia wide to all metro cities.  So, whether you are building your dream boat to sail off into the horizon like Ian, or you simply want superior reliability and performance for your everyday boat or vehicle, contact Paul from DCS to join the ranks of delighted customers everywhere just like Ian.

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