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Best Quality Lithium Batteries from the Best Wholesale Car Battery Suppliers


    Are you looking for the best batteries for your cars? Are you tired of maintaining your lead-acid batteries? Do you want to get the best discount vehicle batteries at great rates? Don’t fret! Deep Cycle Systems, one of the best wholesale car battery suppliers, is here to help you. If you want to avail our discounts, then check out our products where our wholesale is currently active. For retailers, we provide our products at wholesale rates if they order in quantity.

    We have been providing batteries to our clients for many years and offer nothing but the best lithium iron phosphate batteries. We have obtained a lot of experience with our customers’ requirements throughout the years and have earned their trust and respect. In contrast to other battery manufacturers, we only provide the products that we advertise. To get your batteries on the best car battery wholesale price, check out our active sale and get your batteries according to your needs.



    Power Needs

    The modern lifestyle depends on powering state-of-the-art and purpose-built appliances, tools, machinery and gadgets. These appliances are power hungry and will be static in case of any power failure from the grid. Having a reliable power storage battery becomes paramount rather than struggling during grid failure. You may be a homeowner with electric needs for your family members, i.e. lighting, electric fan, laptop, personal computer or any other tech device. The owner of a workshop, especially the moveable mobile workshop, requires power backup for routine operations. Travellers with their RVs, campervans and even solo travellers on a bike also need a power backup source for charging their recreational gadgets and light during evening and nighttime. Consumers worldwide buy wholesale car batteries to get a reliable energy source to power their devices.

    Renewable Energy

    The need for switching to renewable energy is crucial and immediate to curb the danger of climate change that is a threat to most coastal areas, with a fifteen per cent human population at risk. The development and industrial work all require power and energy. Fossil fuel for electricity and energy is a major cause of carbon footprints. The good thing is that planet earth has more than enough renewable energy sources, including solar energy and wind turbines, on top to meet the electrical needs and exceed.

    The rooftop solar photovoltaic panels are the most in-demand technology due to their adaptability. Europe Union is on second the list with 152GW solar energy production in the 2020 year. China is global leader in terms of installed solar capacity with 254GW by 2020. The top European countries for solar production include Germany, Italy, United Kingdon, Spain and France. The homeowners of these countries are investing in li ion wholesale solar batteries to become self-independent and to enjoy the free clean solar energy.


    The lithium wholesale battery has become the leading market demand due to its efficiency and more features with high performance to serve you for years. Lithium is the present, and lithium storage battery sets are the future of the energy sector that is revolutionising electricity storage facilities. Due to its number of features, it has become an iconic symbol.

    Li Ion Battery Technology

    The invention of power storage battery opens the ways for researchers to turn the static devices, appliances and various gadgets into portable appliances which can be powered using stored electricity in battery cells. The earliest energy storage device was bulky and various others flaws were hurdle for its wide adoptability. However, the modern li ion energy storage battery technology is made for perfection to resolve all the issues that were part of old technology, i.e. lead-acid battery which were invented about one and a half century ago. Lithium iron phosphate battery is the latest entry with modern features to meet the needs of present-day lifestyle. Furthermore, wholesale car batteries are the best way to get a reliable power source for your cars at cheap rates.


    The lithium iron phosphate battery utilizes lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material. Also, a graphitic carbon terminal limit as the anode is used in these batteries. These batteries take after lithium-ion batteries, so lithium iron phosphate uses iron, dismissing anode. Due to no maintenance, no environmental hazard, superb execution, long life and excellent quality, and so forth, LiFePO4 is discovering various conditions in-vehicle use, utility-scale fixed applications, and backing power. Besides, Lithium iron phosphate batteries are cobalt-free.

    Advantages of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

    Lithium iron phosphate batteries were introduced during the ’90s and have made their name in the battery industry. These batteries are intended to deal with the number of issues experienced in lead-destructive batteries, such as high risks, low power supply, environmental hazards, heavyweight, and inconsistent energy production.

    • Lithium iron phosphate batteries satisfy 5000 cycles at 80% of the power supply without lessening execution capacity. The standard lifetime of lead-acid batteries is only two years.
    • Lithium iron phosphate batteries don’t need to be maintained regularly. Furthermore, the batteries show no memory impacts because of low self-discharge (<3% consistently). Lead-corrosive batteries need to be maintained regularly. If not, their life will be diminished more.
    • The lithium batteries offer high energy density and are compact and light in weight. Unlike lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries give great energy production, efficiency and a better power supply.
    • Lithium iron phosphate batteries provide 100% of their productivity. Also, their fast charge and delivery rates cause them to be incredible for a vast range of work.
    • These batteries utilize the most exceptional cell innovation. These batteries are dry and leak-proof, which means that they will not harm the environment.
    • Lithium iron phosphate batteries are well known for providing high energy delivery rates. You can start enough powerful motors or utilize electrical gadgets all the while on your boat or RV.
    • Lithium iron phosphate can work in a wide temperature range, making lithium batteries a more sensational gadget for different applications, including unforgiving temperature conditions. These batteries are utilized in dusty, moist, and seriously chilly conditions and still turn out great.

    Why Pick Our Batteries?

    Our batteries are extraordinary because they include many features that other wholesale car battery suppliers don’t provide. The components that make our batteries incredible are as per the following;


    Our batteries have passed MIL Vibration Rules and Quality Standard ISO. This means that our batteries can work through excessive vibrations and other natural conditions. Our batteries are dustproof and water-resistant. No dust particle would enter the battery.


    Our batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries and more compact. Their property of being dry and lightweight makes them more preferable than the lead batteries. They don’t cause any natural mischief like other unsafe lead batteries


    Our batteries use the best advancement cells that are ready for quality results. The lithium cells can offer up to 90% charge of their rate limit, while a standard lead-destructive battery can be used only half for safe activities.


    Our batteries beat other battery cells by presenting on various events more life. A standard lead-destructive battery has 300 to 500 life cycles, yet our lithium cell can offer 3000 to 5000 life cycles.


    All of our batteries contain an incorporated Battery Management System, which will give the customer all the battery information such as the number of voltages, temperature, condition of charge, and other fundamental battery-related information. Our BMS will function as planned.


    The Bluetooth association proposes interfacing the battery with your telephone or PC to screen and control the battery; this implies that you will not need to check the battery entirely inside.


    Our lithium batteries are made by keeping the high accuracy rules and technology to guarantee the cell changing. Various kinds of battery cells can hurt the batteries due to charging and draining over a period. The cell misbalance can cause cell destruction. Cell changing is principal for battery value and life. Cell balancing moves the high voltage of an individual; cell to one with low voltage.


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